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c/o Ministry Of Defense; Government Of India
by - 'Anup Kumar Chaturvedi'
The Emblem of India
Anti-Terrorist War in India

Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these 
valuable years for no fault of mine!@                             'MAP OF INDIA
The real 'MAP OF INDIA', that is actually displayed all over INDIA & UNION territories; showing the entire state of KASHMIR, ( upto Afghanistan ) as being part of India !! Cannons to left of them; Cannons to right of them; Volleyed & thundered; Into the jaws of death; Charged  the 600; 'THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE', by Sir Lord Alfred Tennyson (BRITISH P0ET ALFRED TENNYSON)Cannons to left of them; Cannons to right of them; Volleyed & thundered; Into the jaws of death; Charged  the 600; 'THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE', by Sir Lord Alfred Tennyson (BRITISH P0ET ALFRED TENNYSON)'The Star Spangled Banner'; Flag of the United States of America.   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & INDIA HAVE BECOME ALLIES IN THE WAR ON TERRORISM. A MUTUAL TREATY OF BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP IS PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE AS RELATIONS IMPROVE. INDIA NEEDS US VOTE, TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL ! LONG LIVE INDO-US FRIENDSHIP FOR PEACE & STABILITY !The 'Trikolor'; Flag of the 'Russian Federation'; after breakup of the 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republic'.   RUSSIA IS A RELIABLE ALLY & HAS BEEN A TRUSTED FRIEND OF INDIA, DURING PERIODS OF CRISIS. RUSSIA HAS VOTED FOR THE INCLUSION OF INDIA, AS A NEW MEMBER, AT THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL ! LONG LIVE  INDO-RUSSIAN FRIENDSHIP FOR PEACE & STABILITY !'The Tiranga', Flag of 'HINDUSTAN' (BHARAT); 'Republic of India' India is a developing, industrialized, country & is trying to catch up with the economies of the Western nations. India is also trying to become a member of the (UNSC) UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL league of nations; presently made up of UK; USA, RUSSIA, FRANCE & CHINA. India has maintained a neutral policy of 'non-alignment', in World affairs & has good relationship with both the Superpowers, the 'USA & RUSSIA'.'The Star of David'; Flag of Israel.   THE UNITED STATES, ISRAEL & INDIA HAVE FORMED A PARTNERSHIP TO FIGHT TERRORISM. ISRAEL SEES INDIA AS A COUNTRY WITH SIMILAR & COMMON BACKGROUNDS, REGARDING PEACE & SECURITY. INDIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, WHERE THE 'ISRAELITES' HAVE BEEN SAFE & NOT BEEN PERSECUTED ! Cannons to left of them; Cannons to right of them; Volleyed & thundered; Into the jaws of death; Charged  the 600; 'THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE', by Sir Lord Alfred Tennyson (BRITISH P0ET ALFRED TENNYSON) Cannons to left of them; Cannons to right of them; Volleyed & thundered; Into the jaws of death; Charged  the 600; 'THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE', by Sir Lord Alfred Tennyson (BRITISH P0ET ALFRED TENNYSON)                The Indian Ocean Maritime Boundary
The control of the INDIAN OCEAN AREA is very vital for the security of INDIA Whoever controls the Indian Ocean dominates Asia !! This ocean is the key to the seven seas in the twenty-first century, the destiny of the world will be decided in these waters !!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

"In approximately 4500 years of recorded Indian history, people from all over the world have come to India; invaded us, captured our lands and conquered our minds. From Alexander the Great, the Greeks; the Turks; the Mughals; the Portuguese; the British; the French; the Dutch; all of them came to India and looted us, took over what was ours. Yet India has not done this to any other nation !! India has not conquered anyone. We have not grabbed their land, their culture, their history and tried to enforce our 'Indian' way of life on them. Why ? Because we respect the freedom of others It is this 'freedom', that India must protect & fight, for future generations, so that the country can stay united & not distintegrate into smaller parts ". These are the words quoted from a brilliant, Indian scientist Dr Kalam, Defense Research & Development Organization & the ex-President of India.
Ancient India or 'Hindustan', as it was called; refered to a land that extended far beyond its current geographical border. During the reign of King 'Chandra Gupta Maurya' (in about 400 BC) the capital was Patliputra, (Patna) in MAGADH ( BIHAR ); & the territories of India included parts of 'Eastern Persia' (modern Iran); the whole of Afghanistan; Tibet; Mongolia; Sri- Lanka; & Burma in the East. Buddhism was born in India, through GAUTAM BUDDHA and Tibet is Buddhist, therefore Tibetan culture and heritage is actually "Indian" and therefore "belongs" to India. Modern India today, has vastly diminished in size, because of different provinces & regions gaining independence and autonomy. At the present moment, there are two 'rebellion' going on in India for seccesion and independence. The state of 'KASHMIR' in the northwest and 'ASSAM' in the northeast are in revolt, fighting for independence and more political autonomy. The big SIKH rebellion, in 'PUNJAB', was finally quelled, in the 1990's and peace has been restored in the state of 'Punjab'. I like the 'Sikh' people. They are brave, honest and hard working. They have served India well in the 'agriculture & defense' sector. India is proud of the 'SIKHS'. The Sikhs were Hindus previously, who broke up from Hinduism & formed their new modernized religion. Just like the Buddhist people, who also were Hindus before.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Hindu (Hinduism) = Buddhist (Buddhism) + Sikh (Sikhism) + Jainist (Jainism)
The entire State of KASHMIR; is an integral part of INDIA, illegally occupied by Pakistan & China. KASHMIR is sovereign territory of India, since ancient times. The northern and eastern parts of KASHMIR have been illegally occupied by the Government of Pakistan & China; since the 1947 & 1962 border war respectively. Under United Nations pressure, India was forced to let KASHMIR slip away from Indian possession. India has the right to claim (reclaim) KASHMIR; that has been forcefully annexed & occupied by Pakistan & China!! The 'United Nations Organization', has totally ignored India's stance on KASHMIR; for all these years & favoured with Pakistan! India has shown patience & restraints in its actions on the 'Line Of Control', all these years, but to no avail!! India has the rights to 'cross & launch' a premptive strike across the border; in Northern Kashmir, to permanently destroy the 'Islamic Terrorist Infrastructure' set up, that has been waging a terrorist war for years in Kashmir. India needs 'United Nation Organization's' support and approval in waging this Anti- Terrorist War !!! The Government of India has not forgotten the "Annexation of Kashmir," and is still awaiting & expecting a UN administered plebiscite. His Highness Dr. Karan Singh, is the present titular Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir ! ( I met Dr Karan Singh, with my father in 1970; when he was visiting Calcutta as Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation; )
India must repopulate the KASHMIR region; with local ethnic Hindus (Sikhs, Kashmiri Pandits, who had earlier fled & other Hindus, from North Central Indian provinces) so that the HINDUS have a majority over the ISLAMICS. Kashmir has to be made a HINDU majority region; so that the HINDUS cannot be forced to move out due to violence by the ISLAMICS. The HINDUS should also only inter-marry within the Hindu-sect and not mix with the ISLAMICS. This is necessary to maintain the purity of the HINDUISM race/religion and also the HINDU majority ( 85% ) in India. Presently, majority of the Islamic people living in India, were forcibly compelled, to convert to Islam, 300 years ago! They will never admit that, as they do not know, since this happened in (1658 - 1707 AD), which is almost 9-10 generations ago !!
{ Being a pure Hindustani, from both my parents side, I feel religiously & sentimentally hurt when other pure Hindustanis convert to Islam )
( My ancestors, just like the Sikhs & other religious Hindus, absconded & fled rather than convert to Islam or have their heads decapitated )
( Hinduism is the oldest religion. Many Hindus have converted to Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Islam & Christian, religion in the past millennium )
The state of KASHMIR has always been ruled by a Hindustani Maharaja, until the War of 1947, when Pakistan forcefully occupied it; and under UNITED NATIONS pressure, INDIA was forced to let it go. It is the sacred desire (dream) of every Hindustani (Indian); to repossess the entire "State of Kashmir," all the way upto Afghanistan & the "Western Tibet" region; that have always been part of India, since ancient times. The Government of India is presently fighting hard, within the country to bring peace & restore 'law and order' in the states of 'KASHMIR & ASSAM', which are an integral part of the country, since ancient times and cannot be allowed to seccede at any costs. The entire state of Kashmir, has always been a part of India, including Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir, since ancient times. The 'ISLAMIC-TERRORISTS' waging a proxy war in KASHMIR are trained, supported and based in PAKISTAN while the terrorists fighting in ASSAM are trained and supported by COMMUNIST CHINA. These ISLAMIC-TERRORISTS, usually possess modern firearms and sophisticated equipment than the Indian Border Security Force and the State Police. As a result, the Border Security Force & Paramilitary Force personel; suffer heavy casualties on combat-patrol in 'guerilla style', hit & run 'ambush tactics' of these terrorists and rebels.
India has fought with Pakistan in 4 minor conflicts! On each occassion, Pakistan always attacked 1st & advanced into Indian territory. The Indian Army has defended itself, by pushing them back to the border, each time victoriously. Ironically each time, just as the Indian Army is about to cross the border & advance further into Pakistan Occupied Kashmir; the United States has advised India to negotiate a cease-fire (end-of-war); on behalf of the UNO. The Indian Army could have taken back PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR 4 times, all the way upto the HINDU-KUSH mountains in Afghanistan, had the USA not intervened.
(INDIA SHOULD INCREASE (ATLEAST DOUBLE,), THE NUMBER OF Indian Army INFANTRY MOUNTAIN DIVISIONS (PRESENTLY 10); SO THAT WE CAN GO ON THE OFFENSIVE IN "KASHMIR" AND PERHAPS SOMEDAY REPOSSESS IT AND ALSO BE ON HIGH ALERT ALL ALONG THE ENTIRE NORTH-EAST BORDER WITH THE Chinese Army). Take for example the German Army (Wehrmacht) India has the available manpower & the INDIAN ARMY, ia a bright future for the unemployed youth. The Indian Government should issue strict orders to the 'Paramilitary & Police Force', to shoot on sight; these terrorists & other demonstrators, who violate curfew & civil disobedience laws, in Kashmir & Assam. That is the only way, a message can be sent to the terrorists; that India is strict & will not negotiate with them.
India must also train its 'Para-Military Forces' in modern, counter-insurgency tactics and equip them with more sophisticated 'communication and transport' equipment. The Himalayan mountaineous terrain, is quite difficult to patrol & effectively prevent border infiltration, from Islamic-rebels. These foreign trained 'Islamic terrorists', sometimes have considerable more 'firepower', than the Indian Border Security Force and the Police & Para-Military Forces personnel.
The Government of India & the Ministry Of Defense must also provide each and every India needs relentless, heavy, Police & Para-Military Forces personnel, the basic_equipment,, needed to achieve, a fire-power, at the border, in a high rate of success against Anti-terrorist operations. India needs to acquire a license gunduel with the terrorists; with from the United States of America, from FNH USA; OR General Dynamics Corp; to license 12.7(.50Cal)HMG & 7.62(.30Cal)MMG manufacture in large quantity; 1) the rugged & reliable Browning .50Caliber-Heavy(HMG); The M2HB is a good investment for 2) M240 .30Caliber-Medium; & 3) the light, long-range, Full_Automatic_7.62mm_Battle-Rifle, India (15,000$ x 20,000), at 300 the Belgian (.30 Caliber(7.62mm) FN SCAR-H). India being a genuine, sincere ally in MILLION$, compared to almost 200 the 'WAR ON TERROR', should have no problem in acquiring it. These 3 guns namely the BILLION$, that India will spend M2HB,; the M240; & the FN_SCAR-H; should be the standard HMG (Heavy-Machine-Gun)/ MMG in the next 12 years or so, on (Medium-Machine-Gun) / ABR (Assault-Battle-Rifle) respectively for the Indian Armed Forces defence purchases alone India is The M2HB should be deployed at every 'CHECKPOST'; along the entire 'INDIAN-BORDER', in a multi-billion$ market for the US sufficient quantity (20,000), one per 'company'(120) of Indian soldiers. These are the Defence Companies and this is basic_equipment, for the Army, needed along with Light Bullet-proof vests; Anti-Riot gear a lucrative opportunity for the equipment; transport equipment; personal clothing items; Light Portable Radio-Receivers; United States; to enter the big night-vision goggles etc. Why waste billions of dollars$, on unneccesary high-technology Indian market along with other areas such as Advance Ballistic Missile Defense & indulge in an 'arms-race' for a nuclear major Defence & Business deals. war, that is highly unlikely to occur ?? India is a poor developing, 3rd world country. United States of America should India should try to come under the 'Nuclear Umbrella' of the United States of America and offer leniency & prefered status, concentrate more on its economic development, rather than the military, just like post-war to India, in trade and business, 'Germany and Japan' did. India's first priority, should be socio-economic development. considering our good record in international relations & affairs
The 'Government of India',should increase the budget of the local "State Police & Para-Military Forces"; so that these 'units' can acquire more sophisticated equipment, to fight civil unrest and maintain proper 'law and order' within the country. How can a country fight a border war with the enemies ? when there is deteorating 'law & order' from within due to civil unrest ! India must maintain a modern, mechanized, well equipped Police & Para-Military force, for Internal Security. Internal security, should be our utmost defense priority !

Anti-Drug War in India -->>Page2