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Presently, employed as an "Airport Services Manager" with an International carrier, the Emirates, in Kolkata, India. In the future, I would be looking for an Executive / Administrative position in the "Airlines & Travel Industry". I have an Undergraduate degree in 'English Literature'. My Goals. The real 'MAP OF INDIA', that is actually displayed all over INDIA & UNION territories; showing the entire state of KASHMIR, ( upto Afghanistan ) as being part of India !! Be successful & travel abroad with family & visit elder brother. Buy a new Infiniti (Nissan) Sedan OR Infiniti (Nissan) Coupe. Purchase a modern, spacious high-rise Condominium/House in the city. Things I like to do in my spare time: Browse the Internet regularly. Try to stay slim & slender by exercising & maintaining healthy diet. Practice & update my French speaking skills. Get familiar with my VIEW MY FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM
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