Ambitious, Honest & Polite, Mr Anuraj Chaturvedi; Account Executive; Indian Airlines Corporation; 

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Mr Anuraj Chaturvedi; 26 Kabir Road; Calcutta 700026; India. Home Ph- E-mail: Website:

Objective Seeking a Financial Analyst / Chartered Accountant position responsible for managing & auditing company accounts, budgets, investment portfolios and other assets.
Education Don Bosco High School; ( 1969 - 1980 ) Calcutta, India. Awarded INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE; ( ISC ) 'A' LEVEL 1980 'Calcutta City College', Calcutta University; Calcutta, India. Awarded Bachelor of Commerce degree; ( B.COM ) 1983
Work ( Oct' 1990 to Present ) - Account Superintendent INDIAN AIRLINES LIMITED; 33 Chittranjan Avenue, Calcutta, India - 700012 * Perform variety of tasks in reviewing, updating and editing various company accounts, such as employee payroll, clients credit/debit cash invoices, other purchases & investments * Perform administrative duties : updating filing system & sorting cash invoices. * Perform light transportation of intra-office related documents and records to the Airport & main corporate office in New Delhi * Utiliz office equipment, including Zerox copiers, Fax machine, Word-processors to perform research and complete necessary accounting / auditing tasks. References Upon request.