CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO !The real 'MAP OF INDIA', that is actually displayed all over INDIA & UNION territories; showing the entire state of KASHMIR, ( upto Afghanistan ) as being part of India !!
Flag of India
My small private mid-size jet
Mr Anuraj Chaturvedi; c/o Indian Airlines Ltd; Calcutta; India. E-mail: Website:
Presently I am employed as an Account Superintendent with Air India, I have an Undergraduate degree in Business. In the future, I would be looking for an Managerial / Administrative position, in Finance OR Marketing with Air-India; or in the 'Airline & Travel Indutry'. Job-Security; Promotions; and Salary; in the company are my top priority. My Goals. Be successful & travel abroad with family & visit elder brother. Try & complete M.B.A. in Finance through online Internet-studies. Study & pass the Chartered Accountant examination in India. Buy a new mid-size, Lexus (Toyota) family Sedan, or a sports Coupe vehicle. Purchase a modern, spacious high-rise Condominium/House in the city. Invest in my family property in Mallehpur, Bihar.
Things I like to do in my spare time: Learn how to drive a Car. Browse the Internet regularly. Outdoor Photography / Getting familiarized with my Minolta AF-SLR Camera. VIEW MY YAHOO PROFILE VIEW MY FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM
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