The old solid Armalite AR-10' 30Caliber (7.62x51mm) Full-Automatic-Battle-Rifle (1960)

         Armalite AR-10 .30Caliber (7.62x51mm)
This old US Battle-Rifle is very solid & lightweight that can shoot accurately upto 700 meters. Tragically, it never saw action & never went into mass production. It is the predecessor of the M-16. This Rifle is also an excellent HUNTING RIFLE that can fire in Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic mode

The new modified, solid Armalite AR-10T' 30Caliber (7.62x51mm) Full-Automatic-Battle-Rifle (1995)

     New Armalite AR-10T .30Cal (7.62x51mm)
This is the new modified AR-10T full automatic battle rifle. It is light-weight, made of composite material (fiber-glass). It has all modern accessories, including a bayonet. The Indian Army soldier will love & cherish this modern 30Caliber (7.62x51mm) full automatic battle rifle. It is a beauty !