Stanley McCoy, 345 Allison Street, Lakewood, Denver, Colorado 80226;
Capt. Stanley M. McCoy (747 Flight-Instructor UNITED AIRLINES) at his home Denver, Colorado; Jan'1977

Stan met my father Capt. GB Chaturvedi (Indian Airlines) in 1963 on a flight in India, while vacationing. They became good friends. I visited with Stanley 1/3/77 - 5/27/77; Stan lived in a upper middle-class neighborhood. He had a medium sized 2 level house; with a built in 2 car garage. He kept 2 of his cars polished & clean under cloth Car-Cover, all the time. Stan loved his new Cadillac & vintage Corvette cars more than anything He also owned a CESSNA-275; that he kept parked at a private airfield, near Stapleton International Airport
1975 Vanilla 4-door Eldorado / Deville; 1967/68 Green 2 door Corvette Stingray; 1972 Brown 2 door Buick
Irish-American, Capt. Stanley McCoy (retired Senior Flight-Instructor for Boeing - 747, UNITED AIRLINES) in his study in Denver Colorado, 1976. I was visiting Stanley & Cathy in 1977, on vacation from High-School in India, checking for some Colleges for my future education in the United States