Sweden's BOFOR - M777A2 Ultra Light Towed-Howitzer 155mm 39Cal; in Rajasthan border; India

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Video: Indian FH77B 155x39mm Howitzer @@Video: India's upgraded Dhanush - 155x45mm Artillery (39Cal FH77B to Dhanush 45Cal)
               'FH77 B02' 155mm 52Caliber Artillery 
Bofor's 'FH77 B02' 155mm 52Caliber Towed Artillery Gun in trials in Ladhak, Kashmir. Indian Army has already descided to buy the M777A2 155mm 52Caliber, Ultra Light version of this Howitzer, for its mountain divisions ! This 'FH77 B02', field artillery-gun, is the prefered choice of the Army & has already won the tender but due to government bureaucracy, the deal has been stalled !