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My paternal-family and maternal-family

CLICK TO ENLARGE - A marble bust (statue) of my Late Great Grandfather Mr J. P. Chaturvedi, at the 'Mallehpur' railway station. The entire station, including the railway yard was built on our property in the 1920's at 'Mallehpur', Monghyr(District), BIHAR, North India Myself with mom under my Great-grandfather Mr J. P. Chaturvedi's marble bust commerated for him at Mallehpur railway station. Click to Enlarge - Me and Mom at the temple offering prayers for the soul of my late father Click to Enlarge - Please do not let me down. I have great faith in you. Please be with me & my loved ones in family and help me do the right things that I have always wanted to do
I was born into a traditional HINDU family, in North Central India, and trace my 'pure hindustani' heritage, back upto 4 
generations from both the parents side. I have quite a few family members, settled for long time, in New Delhi. My first  
cousin Abhinav Chaturvedi, is a TV star & has also starred in a few Hindi movies. He graduated from St Stephens College, 
at Delhi University; played cricket for the Delhi State team & represented India Under-19 squad. His parents, my Uncle 
& Aunt were teachers at Modern School, New Delhi. I also have a few dozen, (which includes) Great Uncles, Great Aunts, 
Uncles, Aunts and Cousins back in India. I do have a big family tree indeed with roots spread all over North-India. Most
of our family members in India, have been employed by either the Railways / Airlines / Bank / Agricultural industries. 

My father's family, came from BIHAR & my mother's from UTTAR PRADESH. My family still resides in Calcutta, India, despite me having tried twice, in the past unsuccesfully, to help them immigrate to the US. My father passed away in the summer of 1998. He was only 67. He was a retired 'Indian Airlines', Captain having flown for almost 30 years as a Co-Pilot. My father had a nice friendly personality and took good care of tourists, especially Americans & Europeans, travelling on Indian Airlines. He went out of his way to assist any stranded foreign tourist, especially Americans and Europeans, providing them with seating accomodations and expert professional advise. He flew both Propeller and Jet aircraft, which included American, 'McDonald Douglas',(Dakota),DC-3; British, 'Hawker Siddley,'(Avro),HS-748; British, 'Vickers', V-810 (Viscount); (Turbo-propellers) AND French, 'Aerospatiale', SE-210, the (Caravalle); American, Boeing (Original),B-737-200; & French, 'Airbus',A-300 (Turbo-Jets); My father had logged over 20,000+ flight hours in his flying career (1957-1988). His main monthly flight-route, was Calcutta-Katmandu; Calcutta-Hyderabad; Calcutta-Guwahati-Jorhat-Dibrugarh; Calcutta-Agartala -Silchar; and Calcutta-Rangoon-PortBlair. He flew Calcutta-New Delhi twice a month & occasionally Calcutta-Madras & Calcutta -Bombay; He was a regular flier to the north-east Assam region & over the ocean to Port-Blair & Rangoon. He flew almost 24 days in a month. My father also had a perfect, accident-free record with Indian Airlines. Oo one occasion, in the early 1960's, while landing in the North-East, during the monsoon season, the DC-3 had skidded off the runway, due to an engine or landing gear malfunction. My father demonstrated courage, skills & calm, in bringing the aircraft, to a safe-halt, without damage ! My late father had always desired to immigrate to North America in the early 1960's, in search of a better life. One of his colleagues, who had graduated with him in the same Flying school at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh had got himself a job in Montreal, Canada, flying for a private Canadian company. He had somehow managed to arrange a job for my father on a contract basis. The agreement stipulated that my father be stationed in Canada, for a few years as an Immigrant worker, while the family members stay in Calcutta, India. The contract never provided any consideration for family members. My fathers friend was an unmarried bachelor. My Dad was willing to take the assignment,but my grandparents objected on the grounds, that my parents 'marriage', was relatively fresh and I was barely 5 years old. So my father turned down the contract. I think that my father made an unwise decision, in refusing that job offer, otherwise the entire story would have been a lot different today. I personally think, that today,I am here in the U.S because of the personal efforts of my father. Had it not been for him,I probably would still be in India feeling very frustrated, like the rest of the youth. My father sent me for education to America, so that someday I would become succesfull and help , him and family immigrate to the U.S. But alas! I could not even do that. I will never forgive myself for that. I really wanted to make my father proud. I do not know what I bestowed upon him. Was it honor or disgrace ? I would like to find that out ! May he find peace and eternal happiness ! My mother has always been a good housewife, taking good care of us while attending to other household duties. She has held on occassions part-time investment oppurtunity position with local private business,to help supplement family income. She graduated from a local Hindi High School in her home town, Agra, in Northern India. I landed on earth on 21st, September, 1958. Which means that I am a VIRGO and am 54 years of age, presently. I have a younger brother Anuraj who is 50, and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree,(B.Com) from University of Calcutta. He has been employed as an Accountant Superintendent, with Indian Airlines. I also have three younger pretty sisters. ANURADHA, ANUPRIYA AND ANUSHILA. My sisters have graduated with a B.A in Liberal Arts and Science from Kolkata University. Anuradha and Anupriya, both are married & now live in BOMBAY. Anuradha is employed as a Junior High School teacher, in Greater Bombay. Anupriya is employed as an Administrative Assistant for a company, in Bombay. Anushila, the youngest one and my fathers favorite, used to be employed as a Flight-Attendant with Indian Airlines. She has held numerous positions in the past, as 'Sales representative', with different Airlines such as 'KLM Royal Dutch Airlines'; Malayasian Airlines; etc. Presently, she is employed as a Airport Manager for an International Gulf Airline, Emirates, in Calcutta. Anushila has a B.A. degree in English Literature.

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