Myself at 55 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine!
Flag of USA Flag of India Flag of Israel Flag of Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union@
( This website is dedicated to my friend, Dr Mary Ann McRae. This is my Illiad and Odyssey, in the USA )

ESPECIALLY  YOU,  MY   SUPERSTAR  !!!Mary Ann, I am open to any suggestions / advise from you; that you think is in the best interest for us !!ESPECIALLY  YOU,  MY   SUPERSTAR  !!!
We should also meet; so that we can reconcile. It has been so long & I don't want to waste any more time

Designed by Anup Kumar Chaturvedi; 1998

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Anushka Chaturvedi

For you and You only

The ancient, royal Maharaja of 'Hindustan', INDIA ESPECIALLY  YOU,  MY   SUPERSTAR  !!!

This website is my only communication-link with you. I hope you like & approve it. Your necessary attention needed @@@@
I would like to meet with you and possibly return back to India. It is in my best interest, that I return back to my@@@@
family & settle in New Delhi, India. I have suffered terribly in Springfield, Illinois & now in MiamiESPECIALLY  YOU,  MY   SUPERSTAR  !!!, Florida too !@@@

I want to go home Mary Ann. Please ! I am not insane, at all ! (FRUSTRATED; HEARTBROKEN; DEMORALIZED; AGGRAVATED ??) I do
not need to see a psychologist / psychiatrist, as there is nothing wrong with me & there is no chemical imbalance in my@@
brains. I am willing to take any psychological assessments, including physical-interview / written-tests, to prove my@@@@
sanity to the authorities, but excluding physically administered chemicals; as I don't want to end up like Mr Jack @@@@@@@
Nicholson in the movie 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' ! I do not need a tranquilizer shot to calm me down. I am fine

So please, can we meet here in Miami as soon as possibleESPECIALLY  YOU,  MY   SUPERSTAR  !!! ? Please do not be scared of me ! Mary Ann, you are the only@@
witness, to all that has occurred in my life ! God forbids, if something happens to you; I shall be dead ! Please,@@@@@
come alone. Don't come with anyone that I don't like. I am serious. Come with someone, that I don't know at all !!@@@@@
( For all these years, people have hid on the top, where ever I have worked and ..................................@@@@

Nobody is going to do anything to help me for eternity & in the end they will just claim that I am crazy & get rid of me. DAMN !! I do not think that I will ever get to meet you as I do not know where you are or where you live. Plus you cannot come to me because of this VOTE and these people do not want me to see you wherever I am OR get anything UNTIL I see you / apologize ! Damn! THIS HAS MADE EVERYTHING IMPOSSIBLE & THIS VOTE HAS DESTROYED MY LIFE. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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