Myself at 55 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine!

Health Club Fitness Center

Among the different Asian martial-arts, namely Aikido (Japan), Taekwondo (Korea), Kung-fu (China),; Muay-Thai (Thailand), Pencak Silat (Indonesia),
Kravmaga (Israel), Kali (Philipines), etc etc etc I particularly admire the art of Taekwondo, (pure self-defense); Kravmaga, (CQC); and Kali, (stick-fighting);
'; JAPAN '; SOUTH-KOREA 'The Star Spangled Banner' ; Flag of the U.S.A Star of 'David'; ISRAEL                      Flag of India
'The Tiranga', Flag of 'HINDUSTAN' (BHARAT); 'Republic of India' India is a developing, industrialized, country & is trying to catch up with the economies of the Western nations. India is also trying to become a member of the (UNSC) UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL league of nations; presently made up of UK; USA, RUSSIA, FRANCE & CHINA. India has maintained a neutral policy of 'non-alignment', in World affairs & has good relationship with both the Superpowers, the 'USA & RUSSIA'.

@@@@@@@@@Asian martial-art self defence centers: Dojo (Japanese) or Dojang (Korean)


@@@@@@@@@South Miami TaeKwondo Center:
               SELF-DEFENSE TRAINING has always been my childhood desire. I have a Purple Belt in TAEKWONDO the Korean (art of hand & foot) &
               would like to practice & earn a Black Belt in this Martial Arts. I am also interested in getting familiarized with Aikido, the
               Japanese art of (pure self-defense); KRAV MAGA, Israeli art of (close quarter combat); & Kali, Filipino art of (stick-fighting);
The famous English poet Sir William Wordsworth, had once remarked, " If your wealth is lost in life, nothing is lost; If your character is lost, then something is lost; and If your health is lost, then everything is lost." A very true statement indeed. Bearing this in mind, I have started to exercise, like old times, at a local health club and Spa, for men and women of all ages. It is called the '24 Hour Fitness'. I have always exercised at the YMCA Springfield, ILL thrice a week, for 1/2 yrs every 5 yrs or so. But somehow, I always have had, to quit going to the gym; due to work-schedule or being just plain busy because of other extra curricular activities. I wish that I could go to the gym to exercise; 5 times per week uninterrupted for the rest of my life ! Wouldn't that be lovely; If I could perform my sit-ups / push-ups / pull-ups regularly every day ??? I have always had a very slim & athletic figure and have never had an excessive weight problem. But during the 1990's, I accumulated about 15 pounds, of fat, principally around my abdomen, as I had quit smoking. This desire to shed this weight & have a firm stomach, has compelled me to start to exercise regularly. I have started some light-weight training, with the hope that someday I will have a strong, lean, muscular, V-shaped body !! I hope, I get to achieve it. Some good simple exercises:- Arm Workout Without Weights (BICEPS AND TRICEPS!!)
The Best ...Abs Exercise Ever !
Six-Pack ...Abdominal workout
The only ...Abdominal Exercise you need !
How to do ..the perfect dip ?

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