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Anti-Drug War ( C17H21NO4 & CH3O )
c/o Ministry Of Defense; Government Of India
By 'Anup Kumar Chaturvedi'
The Emblem of India
' Indo-US-Israeli ' joint partnership of Anti-terrorism ! ' Indo-US-Israeli ' joint partnership of Anti-terrorism ! ' Indo-US-Israeli ' joint partnership of Anti-terrorism !
India cannot win the 'war on terror' successfully; without a victory in the 'war on drugs'. Terrorists always finance
their activities, via drug trafficking; counterfeiting & money laundering operations !! Drugs under the control of
Islamic Fundamentalist will be a disaster for Hindu India. It can force the Hindustanis to convert to Islam !!!

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these 
valuable years for no fault of mine!
Some good educational videos below :- IF VIDEO NOT FOUND; TYPE VIDEO_NAME IN SEARCH-BOX & VIDEO LIST WILL APPEAR( Some videos cost $2.99, but are worth it )
Excellent drug-trafficking video: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Synthetic Drugs (Lab-processed): @@@@@Cannabis Hemp Plant: @1) Cocaine Cowboys (Documentary) Must see !@@@@@@@@@ 1) Crack Cocaine (Documentary) @@@@ 1) Marijuana (Gaanja / Grass) Must see ! @2) Underworld: Tijuana Cartel (Documentary) @@@@@@@@ 2) Methamphetamine (Documentary) @@@2) Hashish (Charas) Documentary @3) Pablo Escobar - King of Cocaine @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@3) Inside LSD @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@3) Smoking Rituals in India @4) American Drug War:The Last White Hope Must see ! 4) Heroin Epidemic (Documentary) Must see !
P.S. Personally I am against DRUGS; but IF just in case, there is a minor drug usage (heroin/cocaine) problem in India; the supply of the drug should be in complete HINDUSTANI control (from orgin country TO destination country); until we find a solution to this drug problem! By controlling the supply; drug adulteration can be minimized! Under NO circumstances, the CONTROL, should be allowed to be in foreign hands & definitely NOT in the hands of Pakistani Islamic Fundamentalists! That will be a disaster for India! The Islamic people would love to control the Hindus! Drug Adulteration is multi-billion-dollar business, a different branch of Drug Business, of equal => value, where people are addicted to the drug; and it is not even in its PURE form! Cocaine is usually adulterated (cut) before being sold to consumers. A kilogram of Cocaine can be cut into seven kilos approximately by an expert cutter ! I feel sorry for the innocent 'consumer user', who just uses it; does not know how to process it (cook it) and is always used in the process by the pusher (dealer)!
India has been considered a land of 'Maharishis, Yogis, Sages, Hermits and Swamis' since ancient times ! These religious, learned, philosophers have always practised 'meditation', which is considered a 'spiritual' form of learning and devotion, in the Hindu culture. These learned men have always used Indian 'natural herbs' such as Gaanja(Canabis grass), to help them in their meditation. 'Gaanja' (marijuana) plants are very popular and grow almost everywhere in the wild in India. 'Gaanja' is part of the the 'Indian Culture', & is consumed by Indians occassionaly on 'religious ceremonies'. As a result Gaanja,(grass) and its other family member Charas,(hashish) are sold legally at licensed shops throughout India ! Local consumption of this product is allowed; however it is illegal to smuggle it outside the country. The Government of India abides by 'International Drug Laws'. It even encourages its citizens, to refrain from its use. But it is considered a 'pleasure of life' for the rural poor peasant. India being a 'poor country', cannot afford to deprive its citizens of this natural form of 'entertainment'.As a result, 'gaanja and hashish', have remained popular and proliferated from the 'rural' areas to the 'urban' cities and towns. These plants grow wild in India & as a result are cheap & readily available to the 'Indians'. However the 'Indian Government' discourages its use in most 'towns & cities', & public places as drugs are harmful & considered improper & immoral for society.
The Central Bureau of Narcotics, India has been engaged in an unsuccessful 'Anti-Drug War' campaign' that is trying to stop the spread of drugs, such as Heroin; Crystal Meth; Cocaine (C17H21NO4); Crack (CH3O); PCP (C17H25N); LSD (C20H25N3O); Ecstacy (C11H15NO2); and other forms of 'hallucinogens and amphetamines' into India, since the 1980's. These synthetic drugs are being smuggled and pushed into the country by Western nationals & cross-border smugglers & Islamic terrorists from Pakistan. The Indian Government does not want its citizens, especially the urban westernized 'student community'; the growing Indian 'middle-class' and the affluent, bourgeous business community, to become habitual users of these 'foreign synthetic drugs', which are fatal, extremely addictive & not locally available in the country. The Indian people are much better off; consuming Cannabis grass and hashish; ( that are locally grown plants, cheap, readibly available & not synthetic ) and drinking Indian liquor manufactured in local Indian distilleries & breweries !!
Foreign enemy nationals can bring India down to its knees, if they can spread its wide-spread usage through the key segments of the population. Any patriotic Indian Politician, Industrialist, Movie- Star; will agree to that. It could be very profitable, to FEW Indians but not at the expense of its adverse impact on the country's socio-economic future; such as a sporadic increase, in Crime & Violence. ( I would love to be a crorepati in India; but not by dealing foreign dangerous drugs. I love my country )
In developed countries of Western Europe & North America percentage of drug usage, is very high, despite the Federal Governments tremendous efforts. Drugs such as Cocaine & Crack Cocaine (C17H21NO4 & CH3O) are a modern 'fashion' for the upper & middle-class, respectively. The reason being that these are developed, technologically advanced countries. Norms and beliefs in these modern societies are very different from poor developing countries. Besides the population in these countries can afford it, as they also have various good 'social welfare programs'. India ia a poor developing country, with per capita income of a mere $ 1852 (Nominal Exchange Rate) and $ 7173 (Purchasing Power Parity) ($$$$). Cocaine is a Multi-Billion Dollar International Business. It is almost 150 Billion $ a year business in the USA; with Florida itself; amounting to almost 50 Billion $. You can make 'quick money' with COCAINE; agreed ! You can acquire wealth at a faster rate than, what you could, under normal circumstances !
But Cocaine is very addictive! A habitual user of crack cocaine will do anything; if he is denied his supply. I mean anything to get it. The 'craving' is so strong & intense. He will KILL, ROB, even commit TREASON if the need arises. In the United States of America, drug-use, is directly responsible for an increase in crime and violence, such as prostitution, rape, aggravated assault, murder, armed robberies & other acts of domestic violence. The tragic phenomenon, about 'Cocaine & Crack Cocaine' is that it spreads like a contaminated 'virus'. There is no control what-so-ever in trying to curb it. Once introduced into any upper-class 'urban' area of the country; it is bound to spread & infect; the entire city. ( You cannot just contain Cocaine; to only the affluent upper-class. Automatically, it will spread all over; to even the lower-class ) Even an honest, efficient Police force and a trained Medical team; will be unable to control its spread !! Eventually, severe crime & deadly violence; will plague Indian towns & cities !
Cocaine makes a person evil ! It tempts you to do wrongful things. It turns you into an animal ! People hooked on Crack-Cocaine; after a while do not want to do anything else. All they want is to buy more & sell more. Just make more money, any which way you can ! In this process, they become suspicious & wary of anyone, who is in their environment ! They want to be the only person to sell cocaine to other consumers, in their environment. After a while, everyone starts keeping an eye on each other, to find out who is selling to who, when & where ? Eventually, people start stealing from each other & try to blame it on someone else ! 'Monopoly' becomes a key issue, and there is fierce competition with other Cocaine dealers and amongst themselves ! Rivalries, distrust always results in violence. Gangs are formed ! International criminals gain access to the country. The security of the nation is compromised, as a result ! THIS DESTROYS THE 'ENVIRONMENT', FOR OTHER NON-USER CITIZENS, WHO HAVE TO LIVE ALONG WITH THIS ! Does India need this kind of an environment! I appeal to our politicians, movie-stars and industrialists, who are already wealthy & want to be wealthier still ! Not to get into the Drug Business. You will be opening a Pandora's box; otherwise !
There are hundreds of other business's and oppurtunities to make quick money & keep the nation also safe & strong ! Health Clubs; Gymnasiums; Martial-Arts Center; Restaurant/Fast food outlets; Internet Busineses; Night Clubs; Highway motels; Construction Business (wide 6 lane Highways & 6 storey Apartment building all over the countryside in India); ETC, ETC. Can you imagine, one travelling across India, in highways / high-speed trains; and seeing 6 storey apartment Housing Colonies everywhere; instead of the present hut-dwellings ! All the farming peasants, living in apartments and riding motor-cycles & scooters instead of bicycles, bull-wagons & horse-wagons!
India does not need a major drug War. This can be disastrous for the Indian Economy, and the growing Indian 'middle-class'; as India is a poor developing third world country. India must amend its drug laws and start imposing stiffer penalties, for 'foreign-drugs' related offenses. The Government should STRICTLY enforce the 'controlled substances' law, especially against foreign traffickers at all airports, docks, ports and border-check points; against cross-border smugglers. The 'C.B.I' officials & custom agents should strictly examine and search all baggage thoroughly and passengers (including pregnant women) physically. No one should be allowed to pass through without being fully searched. Suspicious foreigners should be tested for drug-usage. This is a very hard task to be implemented that has to be done ! The 'Indian Foreign Service' should issue instructions to every Indian Embassy & Consulates overseas; to conduct background checks on all visa applications. Persons with criminal records should be refused an Indian visa. The Indian Government must be well aware of the fact, that any activities (legal & illegal), conducted by foreign countries on Indian territory, is done via its embassies & airlines operating in India. Foreign embassies / consulates, along with their airlines are the main hub of any operations carried out in India. If the Indian government could (which it should); strictly monitor all foreign activities, in India, it will be advantage India !
The Indian Government does not want foreign nationals especially Americans, & Europeans to set up a drug base in India and distribute foreign drugs such as 'Cocaine'; 'Crack Cocaine' & new designer drugs such as 'Ectasy'. India does not want foreign drug cartels, to operate within the country. The country cannot afford to get its youth & urban student population addicted to 'foreign synthetic drugs', such as CrackCocaine; Ectasy; PCP; LSD; Heroin etc etc. India has nothing against the 'drug cartels'; as they are primarily, a business organization; ( except for the fact, that they are branded as 'Criminal', by the Interpol ) dealing in an agricultural product; that is banned by the Department of Agriculture; World Health Organization and the United Nations. India is a signatory to the UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs and the Prevention Treaty. The Government of India abides by 'International Drug Laws' !

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