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The beginning of US-India relationship during the Cold-War (1947 - 1991)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'The Star Spangled Banner'; Flag of the United States of America.   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & INDIA HAVE BECOME ALLIES IN THE WAR ON TERRORISM. A MUTUAL TREATY OF BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP IS PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE AS RELATIONS IMPROVE. INDIA NEEDS US VOTE, TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL ! LONG LIVE INDO-US FRIENDSHIP FOR PEACE & STABILITY !'The Tiranga', Flag of 'HINDUSTAN' (BHARAT); 'Republic of India' India is a developing, industrialized, country & is trying to catch up with the economies of the Western nations. India is also trying to become a member of the (UNSC) UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL league of nations; presently made up of UK; USA, RUSSIA, FRANCE & CHINA. India has maintained a neutral policy of 'non-alignment', in World affairs & has good relationship with both the Superpowers, the 'USA & RUSSIA'.@@ Gunboat diplomacy of the United States
Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi with then President Ronald Reagan (July' 1982). Some videos of Late Mrs Indira Gandhi's visit to the United States
India's relations with the US dropped to an all-time low, during Presient Nixons term. The US was trying to open-up with China & needed Pakistans help, which
had excellent relations with China. Richard Nixon supported Pakistan, because of animosity towards Indira Gandhi. Politics and Beyond: NIXON, INDIRA & INDIA.
Ironically, it was Nixon that authorized the fire-bombing of North Vietnam, (which was supported by Communist China) as he wanted to destroy the Communists.
Then as soon as the Vietnam war ended, he wanted to woo and cozy-up with China, during the cold-war with the Soviets. I could not understand his diplomacy.
This was the big blunder, I think that President Nixon made, that would have an adverse effect on the future-outcome of the United States of America & the
Democratic world, in terms of economic & military power ! The United States woke up a sleeping-giant & helped it get economically strong. God help the USA