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Looking for or an entry level programmer position.
Still studying & trying to be a good Programmer ! Education is the best Investment ! It pays great Dividends ! Education has no limit ! It has no boundaries ! Education has no age-limit either ! So let us all really try & study well !

I want to study OO Programming, with Microsofts C#(C_Sharp) and Sun Microsystems Java real well,
using Microsofts Visual Studio Express, and Sun Microsystems NetBeans IDE 6.91, respectively.

(( Java && C# ) || ( Java && VB ) || ( Java && C++ ))@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Presently, I am taking Object-Oriented Programming, classes in Java & VB.Net; so that I can get me an Entry Level job as a 'Software Developer For Testing'. In the past, I have attended classes in C & C++ programming languages. C was developed by an American Engineer, and a 'Harvard scholar' Dr Dennis M Ritchie, working for Bell Laboratories and C++ was developed by Dr Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish Professor and 'Cambridge scholar'; presently working at the Texas A & M University. These are some of the brilliant minds in the field of Computer Science & Engineering today; dedicated to teaching, research and development. I have also been motivated by other C++ pioneers such as Dr Andrew S Tanenbaum, Dr Harvey & Paul Deitel, Bruce Eckel, Dr Larry Nyhoff, Dr Nell Dale & Chip Weems, Walter Savitch, Anders Hejlsberg, (designer of C#); Chuck Allison, Ivor Horton, Herbert Schildt, Cay Horstmann and many more.
I would like to get proficient with, C# It is the premier language for .NET development. C## was designed from the start with .NET programming in mind. C# is actually Microsofts's version of Java. There is quite a lot of similarities in Java vs C# syntax. Presently, it is the most popular language in the market for software development. Majority of the worlds computer systems; ( > 88% ), use Microsofts WINDOWS operating system. Hence, knowledge of C# is an educational asset.
What is a Compiler / Operating System?? A Compiler is software that translates a computer program that is written in a readable form into a machine language that the computer understands. A C++ compiler takes programming code written in C++, called source code, translates it into the language of the particular machine on which the program is going to run, and combines that machine language with other important programming code (called linking), and saves a complete, executable program. The Microsoft Visual C++ compiler is one of the compilers available, that compiles the programming language called, standard C++ An operating system (OS) is system software that supports a computer's basic functions. OS is the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer. The other programs are called applications or application programs. Majority of the world's fastest supercomputers run Linux-based operating systems.
What is the difference between Visual C++ and standard C++? Visual C++ is a compiler that can compile the standard C++ language whereas, standard C++ is a programming language, that is not owned by any of the major compiler developers. Several companies produce C++ compilers. C++ compilers typically compile programs for a specific operating system. For example, a C++ compiler for MS-DOS? compiles programs that will run on a computer running MS-DOS, and a Windows? based compiler creates programs that will run on the Windows operating system. Most Windows and Macintosh compilers support what is called console applications. A console application is a text-based application that runs within a window that is created for you by the compiler and operating system. The Microsoft Visual C++ development system is a state-of-the-art compiler that can be (and is) used to create full-blown applications for Windows. The compiler also allows you to compile standard C++ code and execute the code within a console window.
What is Microsoft VISUAL C++ .NET? Microsoft Visual C++.NET provides the dynamic development environment for creating Microsof Windows-based & Microsoft.NET -based applications, dynamic Web applications, and XML Web services, using the C++ development language. Microsoft Visual C++ .NET includes the Active Template Library (ATL) and Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) libraries, and powerful integrated environmenty (IDE) features that enable developers to edit and debug source code effeciently. It provides developers with a proven, object-oriented language for building powerful and performance-conscious applications. C++ is the worlds most popular systems-level language, and Visual C++ .NET gives developers a world class tool with which to build software.
What is Microsoft VISUAL BASIC .NET ? Microsoft VISUAL BASIC .NET, the latest and greatest incarnation of the old BASIC language, gives you a complete WINDOWS application development system in one package. VB is itself a Windows application. You load and execute the VB system just as you do other Windows program. You use this running VB program to create other programs. VB is just a tool, actually an extremely powerful tool, that programmers use to write, test and run Windows application. Although Visual Basic is a comprehensive programming tool, VB retains its old BASIC language heritage.
Designers in the late 1950's developed the BASIC PROGRAMMING language for beginning programmers. BASIC was easier to use than other programming language of the time, such as FORTRAN and COBOL. Microsoft never forgot Visual Basics root when developing VISUAL BASIC. The role of programming tool has evolved over the past 45 years along with the computer hardware. VB differs greatly from language of just a few years ago. The Windows Operating System requires more advanced tools than were available a few years ago. Before Windowed environment, a programming language was a simple text-based tool, with which you wrote programs. Today you need much more than just a language; you need a graphical development tool that can work inside the Window system and create applications that take advantage of all the graphical, multimedia, online and multiprocessed activities that Windows offer. Ms Visual Basic is such a tool. More than a language, VB lets you generate applications that interact with every aspect of todays MS WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM.
What is the JAVA Platform ? The Java platform is a new way of computing, based on the power of network and the idea that the same software should run on many different kinds of computers, consumer gadgets and other electronic devices. JAVA platform is actually an Object Oriented Programming Technology in 3-Dimension. It can create fantastic motion and animation effects on objects. Java Applications produce spectacular animations on the World Wide Web.
Java programs are called APPLETS and can be inserted and embedded into various other programs such as HTML and JAVASCRIPT applications. With Java technology, you can use the same application from any kind of machine - a PC, an IBM mainframe compputer, a network server or even an Internet screen phone. JAVA Technology based software works just about everywhere TV, cellular phone, cameras, rockets, WWW etc. They work on any kind of compatible device that supports Java Platform. Java software was designed to let computers and other electronic devices communicate with one another much more easily and effeciently than before. Java technology based software is typically delivered over a network (downloaded) and can be installed on computers from traditional media such as CD-ROM. This same program can run on a variety of computers & device.

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