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Mr President, India does not have any quarrel with any country in the world; except territorial boundary disputes with 'Pakistan & China', which are occupying large chunks of Indian territory in the Himalayas !! India will never fight a war with either the U.S.A, or Russia or any other country in Europe, because there is no good reason to. India just has border disputes with its Asian neighboring countries & would like to resolve it with them, at the United Nations Organization !!!

Reclamation of Kashmir

By 'Anup Kumar Chaturvedi'

India has voiced concern over China's plans to construct a railway link with Pakistan through the Tibetan plateau. A Chinese rail link to Pakistan is through Indian territory, which is illegally occupied by Pakistan & China. China is reported to be planning to build a railway & highway link to Pakistan via Gilgit-Baltistan region in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK), to get a strategic land access to the Persian Gulf. If China succeeds in building a land route to the Persian Gulf; it will be a strategic loss for the United States & tactical gain for China ! The US 7th Fleet, will practically be left without a 'mission', as China will be able to get all its raw materials resources at the Persian Gulf, bypassing the Indian Ocean and the Mallaca Straits. Communist China should not be allowed strategic land-access to the Indian Ocean via Pakistan OR Burma (Myanmar), at all costs !! A strong India, both in economics & military terms, is advantage++ USA. China should withdraw from occupied Tibet or face international-sanctions. Tibet should become a free country !! China is presently, occupying almost 26,000 square miles of Indian territory in Kashmir alone after having occupied Tibet in 1950. The Chinese invasion of Tibet; cannot be forgotten by the United Nations. The State of Kashmir, is an integral part of India, illegally occupied by Pakistan & China, since 1947 & 1962 respectively. Kashmir has always been ruled by a Hindustani Maharaja, until Pakistan forcefully occupied it; and under UNITED NATIONS pressure, India was forced to let it go. The entire Kashmir region all the way from Afghanistan & the Western Tibet region, adjoining Nepal; is sovereign territory of India, ancient times. India needs to increase (atleast double), the number of Indian Army infantry mountain divisions (presently 10); so that we can go on the 'offensive', in Kashmir & perhaps someday repossess it & also be on high alert all along the entire North-East border with the Chinese Army. India has the available manpower & the Indian Army ia a bright future for the unemployed youth. Take for example the German Army (Wehrmacht)

China's ultimatum to USA !         Boeings F-35A Stealth Fighter
BOEING has offererd INDIA the futuristic JSF-F35; that is 5th Generation & under development !!!         .50 Caliber (12.7x99mm) HMG
India's Main HMG 12.7x99mm (50Caliber) 'M2HB' HEAVY MACHINE GUN, Browning, USA. INDIAN ARMY HAS LIMITED NUMBER OF THE M2HB HMG. The Government of India & the Ministry of Defence (MOD), have been trying, since the 80's, to acquire a license, from the US, to manufacture this Browning HMG, with LINKED BELT FEED, in large quantities; one for every Army COMPANY (120 soldiers)           Belgium 'FN SCAR-H' (1999 - ????)
FN SCAR-H MK17 LB (7.62x51mm) Long Barrel
FN SCAR-H MK17 STD (7.62x51mm) Std. Barrel
FN SCAR-H MK17 CQC (7.62x51mm) Close Quarter Combat              'FH77B' 155mm 52Caliber;
India's MAIN TOWED ARTILLERY 'FH77B' 155mm 52Caliber, BAE Systems (formerly Bofors of Sweden) India should re-negotiate with BOFORS or BAE to license manufacture these great guns in India. The FH77B is battle tested in ARCTIC conditions & is best suited for the HIMALAYAS; amongst all artillery guns !!             'Apache-Longbow AH-64D', Boeing;
India's_future_prospect_ATTACK_HELICOPTER_GUNSHIP 'Apache-Longbow AH-64D' Boeing_USA Lockheed Martin has sold India 6 Super Hercules tactical Airlifter; C-130J aircraft, with an option to sell 6 more. The C-130J is a very advanced version with four powerful Allison AE2100D3 turboprop engines; Northrop Grummans MODAR 4,000-colour weather and navigation radar, with range of 250 nautical miles & four L-3 display systems multifunction liquid crystal display glass cockpit. The cargo capacity is over 15 tons                    Cray XT5 Supercomputer
India has always been interested in purchasing the powerful CRAY CT supercomputer from the US. The CRAY supercomputer manufactured in MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota; has been on the Indian radar screen for decades ! A United States embargo on India of High-Technology item has prevented this purchase for decades! India is interested in acquiring the CRAY XT series model for Meteorological Research & Simulation                GE's Westinghouse 1200 Reactor  
General Electric's Westinghouse 1200 MW Pressurised Water Nuclear Reactor that India is buying in large numbers          Gas Centrifuge Process (Uranium Enrichment)
Cascade of gas centrifuges used to produce enriched uranium. This photograph is of a the U.S. gas centrifuge plant in Piketon, Ohio.                         Ballistic Missile Defense
The Aegis Combat System uses powerful computers and radars to track & guide weapons to destroy enemy targets; especially Ballistic Missiles.

How China is flexing muscles?                 Javalin 3 Anti-Armour Missile 
The Indian Army has decided to buy & license manufacture, the Javelin anti-tank guided missile made by Raytheon & Lockheed Martin.             EL/M-2080 'Green Pine' Radar (400 M) 
Israel sold two Elta EL/M-2080; AESA Air Defence Radars to India in 2000; that were built with US technology. Under US pressure & embargo; future radar sales to India are prohibited; despite a willing Israel!              TBM - Giant Tunnel Boring Machines 
These giant earth guzzling TBM's are essential in creating a network of TUNNELS in the Himalayan Mountains !!  Mountain Tunnel under construction - Europe  Mountain Tunnel under construction - Europe  Eisenhower Tunnel in Colarado, USA  One-way,  2 lane traffic, inside the Eisenhower Tunnel in Colarado, USA  Eisenhower Tunnel in Colarado, USA  Outside the Eisenhower Tunnel exit, in Colarado, USA .

                  Flag of USA
'The STAR SPANGLED BANNER'; Flag of the United States of America. United States of America & India have become allies in the 'War on Terror'. A mutual treaty of Business & Strategic Partnership is planned for the future as relations improve. Long Live Indo-US friendship for peace & stability ! India needs United States vote, for its inclusion, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL organization !                      Flag of India
'The Tiranga', Flag of 'HINDUSTAN' (BHARAT); 'Republic of India' India is a developing, industrialized, country & is trying to catch up with the economies of the Western nations. India is also trying to become a member of the (UNSC) UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL league of nations; presently made up of UK; USA, RUSSIA, FRANCE & CHINA. India has the vote of Russia, France, UK & just needs the vote of the US and China; to become a permanent member of the UNSC. India has maintained a neutral policy of 'non-alignment', in World affairs & has good relationship with both the Superpowers, the 'USA & RUSSIA'.                      Flag of Russia
'Trikolor'; Flag of the 'Russian Federation'; after breakup of the 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republic'. Russia is a reliable ally & has been a trusted friend of India, during periods of crisis. Russia has voted for the inclusion of India, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL ! Long Live  Indo-Russian friendship for peace & stability !