(All these details, that I have mentioned; I have heard from people of Springfield talking around me for years !)

Accusations of Illinois !

Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine!

I want to clear myself of all the allegations; with the US State Dept & the Govt of India & return to New Delhi, India.

I was fired from the State of Illinois (5/5/89); due to events that occured at 'SIU Medical School' between Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Department of Surgery. They probably know everything in details. Her very own Colleagues tricked & fooled her. They planned this whole scenario in minute details & executed it brilliantly. I WAS NEVER THERE. They must have brought some individual (impostor) & told you that he was ME. BUT HOW COULD YOU BE SO NAIVE & GULLIBLE? She has never known me. I have no twin brother whatsoever! My God. I was fired due to these events. I WANT TO FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST the Memorial Hospital Staff (Dr Roddick & Co; Dr Birtch & Co; etc) in a UNITED STATES FEDERAL COURT. These few doctors & their families purposely plotted a conspiracy to their advantage. They then deceived, tricked and pressured her to blame myself for all the alleged actions & events and ruined my life in the US consequently! Not only that, they then travelled to India itself, to check on me at the highest level & knowingly not tell the truth about what happened in actual circumstances & reality; to the Indian authorities!! They portrayed me as a criminal !
In Dec' 1988, I was accused of some criminal acts at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's, Memorial Hospital, but not convicted in court. I was not arrested, but just terminated & told by the people to go to the hospital and see Dr Mary Ann McRae or I would have to live likethis forever. This completely ruined and stopped my further career development in the United States. The irony was that I never knew that this had occurred at the hospital & had to find out practically everything from the people talking around me in Springfield. Can you imagine, all people talking around you, that you have done something to someone ? You don't know as to what it is & have to listen with attention, to learn more. I heard everything in whispers around me in Springfield, Illinois. The people thought that I knew all this that had happened, but in reality I had no clue, as to what had happened & where and to whom ? All this I had to findout using my own judgement & intelligence, from what I was HEARING from the people in Springfield. In the beginning, it was exciting & mystifying but later on it became very painful as 8 years went by and I was unable to do anything constructive in my life; as I could not go & see Dr Mary Ann McRae at Memorial
I had heard from reliable sources, that in 1990 during Operation Desert Shield, Secretary of State Jim Edgar; accompanied with SIU Doctors/family members; University of Illinois officials & members of the Bush family (Jeb Bush); visited India, to investigate me & my family. My late father & mother were purposely invited to a party on an Indian Navy warship; then dishonored, ridiculed, insulted and physically assaulted. All this was done at the request of the United States Department and the US Embassy in India. The US Embassy (cia-operatives) has kept a close watch on my family all these years. No wonder my family members could not come to visit me in the US, for all these years. My father is dead, probably murdered (alcohol poisoning) at the bequest of the United States of America, as he was a witness & could inform me & identify the culprits. I am not blaming anyone, as they were just investigating and got carried away. Mr George H.W. Bush, was President of the USA then ! THE IRONY OF THE EVENTS WAS THAT ALL THIS OCCURED & NO ONE CAME TO ME FOR ANYTHING. I was helpless in Illinois.
My encounter with Ex-Governor Jim Edgar (Summer-1991)
(I can easily recognize Mr Jim Edgar if he were standing along, in a line of a dozen other look-a-likes of his, even today)
That was Mr Jim Edgar himself; and not anyone of his look alikes !!! I walked past Mr Jim Edgar (for about 90 seconds) on a Saturday afternoon, on my way to the Lincoln library. I used to live behind the Governors Mansion, in the Hickox Apartments; and would visit the library, every Saturday around 1.00 pm, before going to work at the 'Tokyo of Japan', restaurant. As I left the Hickox side entrance (behind the mansion) & got on East Edwards street, to head towards South 5th street, I saw Mr Edgar! Mr Edgar was at the corner of South 5th st / East Edwards st, just about to turn and walk towards me & South 4th street. He was about 20 feet away, when I had a glimpse of him. He was wearing light trousers & a half-sleeve bush-shirt. As soon as I saw him; I slowed down my pace. Surprisingly, there was no other person on East Edwards street, between South 5th street & South 4th street, that Saturday afternoon.
Mr Edgar began talking as he approached me, at a leisurely pace. He said "I am sorry! If I had not terminated you; you would have been sodomized! Just go & see her in the hospital! Just walk around & you will see her! You have to, otherwise no reinstatement & no women & no entertainment! I know Janice real well & Brenda is a very helpful woman! When you get the $$ and give it to us you can live happy & prosper. Mary Ann has many other men in her life! She is not the right women for you! Even I like her! Remember, I am the Governor now ..............................!
After that I could not hear anymore; as we were about 20 feet apart & I was at the South 5th street corner, by then. Mr Edgar did all the talking & I never replied anything. I just listened as I was astounded. After we crossed each other at a very leisure pace; I turned my head slightly to see Mr Edgar, who was still talking (practically shouting) and walking with his head turned slightly towards me.
This was the only occassion when Mr Edgar tried to have a conversation with me. I have seen Mr Edgar in Springfield, Illinois, quite a few times, the State Capitol Rotunda, Illinois Budget Session; Public speeches, & Christmas office visits, etc. I have always been respectful & never said a word to Mr Edgar or ever made any obscene, unfriendly gesture. After that incident, I was verbally threatened by local citizens, on numerous occasions, who told me that, if I ever said a word to Governor Edgar or Lady Edgar out there, I would be buried in the cornfields. I never ever breathed a word about that incident to any individual. How did the people find out ? Unless the Governor himself told them.
My encounter with Governor Jim Edgar & Lady Brenda Edgar (Summer-1992):

I saw them at the 'Tokyo of Japan' restaurant, in Springfield, Illinois. It was a Monday or Tuesday evening, as it was not very busy. I was working in the kitchen, when Nick Saan (Mr Nick Kobiyashi), came and announced that Governor Edgar and wife have come for dinner. He asked all of us to pay attention, be quiet and be at our best. Then Nick said that he would be cooking for the Governor himself and he himself would be preparing the meat, vegeatables and condomints for his cooking trolley. (I used to assist the 'Teppan-Chef' in preparing the food order for the trolley, cut meat, vegeatables, assist the bartender with bar-stock, perform kitchen-cleaning) I was an allrounder at Tokyo of Japan's Restaurant.
That particular evening, I was performing cleaning & assisting Mrs Kobiyashi at the soup-machine. Later on as I went to buss a used Teppan table, I saw Mr and Mrs Jim Edgar, standing by the restrooms on the hallway, about to leave. It was around 9.30 pm & no body else was there. Mr & Mrs Edgar briefly looked at me & I also looked at them for a second or two, very casually & started bussing the table. I heard Mrs Brenda Edgar tell Mr Jim Edgar, "I cannot believe that you are going to let him get away just like that. What if someone tells him that was his father ?" Then Governor Edgar looked at me, while I was bussing & replied to Lady Brenda Edgar, "Do not worry about all that. He has to go and see her first! He has to see Allan Birtch first" Then Mrs Edgar with a look of frustration, told Mr Edgar, "Ah. What surgery ? Him and his wife Elain are the ones responsible for that ! That is what the other-side ( Roddick & Co ) is saying ! Their kids were also there earlier !" Governor Edgar confidently replied with a snarl to Mrs Edgar, "But Birtch is the main guy there. He video-taped them (Roddick & Co) all, when they were with her earlier. The whole thing !" Mrs Edgar then said to Mr Edgar, "Brad can go there & do a good gig with his sister. Brad can bring his younger sister to the US". Mr Edgar then giggled & said "Let's see what happens" as they began to walk out toward the exit at the restaurant.
I have heard different versions of that tragic-incident, that you experienced, from more than a dozen prominent people in Springfield. These were all upper-class Springfield elites, talking very seriously amongst themselves and how they were going to assist you & that I had their vote to go & see you at the hospital.

My encounter with Ex-Governor George Homer Ryan (Winter-1991)
I met Mr George Ryan, after he was nominated as Secretary of State Of Illinois, at the Baurs Opera House restaurant in Springfield, Illinois. I was employed at the restaurant and one Friday evening after work, Mr Baur offered me to have a drink at the Bar. While having a beer at the bar-counter, I noticed Mr George Ryan sitting very casually at the bar. I greeted him by saying "How are you doing Mr Ryan? Congratulations on becoming the new Secretary Of State!" Mr George Ryan smiled & said thank-you. He then whispered to me & said " Go and see her at the hospital and I will reinstate you You will see her. She will come out." I thanked him by saying, it was nice meeting him & left.