Gathering Intelligence about the Adversary

Surveillance via sophisticated electronic equipment, such as supercomputers, live reconnaissance satellite video/audio feeds

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'The Tiranga', Flag of 'HINDUSTAN' (BHARAT); 'Republic of India' India is a developing, industrialized, country & is trying to catch up with the economies of the Western nations. India is also trying to become a member of the (UNSC) UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL league of nations; presently made up of UK; USA, RUSSIA, FRANCE & CHINA. India has maintained a neutral policy of 'non-alignment', in World affairs & has good relationship with both the Superpowers, the 'USA & RUSSIA'.

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Video: Mathematicians who cracked the Enigma Code (30th Aug' 1941)
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The cracking (breaking) of the secret German Enigma Machine code, helped Britain & Allies, shorten the war by almost 4 years, as they had intelligence about the German plans !

Gathering intelleigence is usually accomplished in 3 ways:-
(1) Using field-agents operating in their country (old-fashioned-espionage);
(2) Listening and intercepting their communication broadcasts (radio-transmissions);
(3) Recieving electronic-data via modern low orbit spy-satellites & UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drones;

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General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

Israeli Cartosat-2 / Israeli Heron-TP UCAV / US Predator-B UCAV / US Predator-C Avenger UCAV / US Predator-C Avenger

Video 1) Predator-C Avenger; Video 2) Predator - Gray Eagle; Video3) Predator - MQ9 Reaper; Video 4) Predator Ground Control Operations

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