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() . Under the present circumstances; and being a Florida State resident, I had decided to attend (commute to) the Florida Atlantic University; at Boca Raton; for my Masters of Science (M.S) in Mathematics/Computer Science F.A.U. is a descent school & should have provided me, with more than enough that I needed, to acquire in both education and research. I wanted to get some work experience as a Software Developer in the United States; with local, private companies, and complete my Masters of Science (M.S) in Computer Science/Mathematics, part-time. I wish I had the financial resources available; so that I could attend full-time and complete my Graduate classes (3 classes/semester) successfuly; & finish quickly without having to work at all! If still unable to find a job; I plan to complete my graduate education, full-time; as a graduate assistant or a graduate-fellow, and return back to New Delhi, India.
I have to finish graduate education in the U.S. in order to survive the stiff competition faced in the Indian job-market. I want to finish my studies, completely here in South Florida, once & for all. I don't think, that I will be able to achieve anything anywhere else. There are too many people against me. They will not let me do anything. I mean nothing. !!!