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My Arrest was improper & my transportation to the District Court-House was illegal


On the morning of December, 11th, 2000, I was on my way home from 'RadioShack', driving east on SW 72 Street. It was the Christmas season, and everybody was out shopping and there was quite a bit of traffic, in the street. I was in the right- hand lane & heading east on Sunset Drive and there was trafffic, on all the 3 lanes. I was driving around 35 mph and after a while, I noticed a pick-up truck that was almost protruding, about a feet in my drive-lane. I honked twice, hoping that I would persuade the driver of that truck to back up a little, so I could pass without getting into a collision with him. ( I am a very cautious driver & drive very defensively. My driving record in the United States, reflects that ) To my avail, the driver did not even bother to back up a little and I honked furiously, while applying the brakes, as I almost collided with him. I could not even switch lanes as there was steady traffic on both my 2 left lanes. As I passed him slowly, I pointed my right index finger to him in disgust and cussed at him in rage. Both my windows were pulled up; so he could not have heard my abusive language. That was natural ! I have showed my finger in disgust to bad drivers in Miami, a couple of times in the past. ( People in Miami, drive very recklessly. they do not follow the traffic rules ) This incident occurred just about a block east of the intersection of SW 117th Avenue & SW 72 Street.
After this incident, I continued driving as I still had a few miles to drive, before I reached my apartment complex. As I continued driving, barely a hundred yards, this driver in the pick-up truck, with whom I almost had a collision, pulled up beside me in the left lane and began to shout and use abusive language at me. He was shouting loud and I could hear him clearly, as I had my left window, opened a little. I showed him the 'finger' again and continued driving in my middle-lane toward the intersection of SW 72 Street & SW 107th Avenue. As I approached the traffic lights, my middle lane was clear, and I crossed the intersection & the truck driver had to stop at the red light on SW 72nd St & SW 107th Av, as the left lane was blocked by vehicles. There were 2 occupants and they both looked of Mexican orgin. As I continued driving, east toward SW 87th Avenue, which was still quite a distance away, barely a few minutes later, this truck driver appeared again on the left most lane & began to furiously shout at me and signalling me to stop. He was really using filthy language, but I did not stop as I really could not make up my mind, at the spur of the moment. I was quite all the time & was getting a bit frustrated. We carried on driving side by side for another minute or so. I was not scared of this guy but I just did not know what to do at that particular moment !! I could have easily beat the guy in a kick-boxing duel, if we had to. But being new in Miami & with no friends & unable to converse with anyone in Spanish, I did not stop, and carried on driving at about 40 mph.
A few minutes later, as I approached the intersection of SW 72nd Street & SW 87th Avenue, this pick-up truck pulled up in front of me in the middle lane and screeched to a halt, blocking my path. I just stayed in the car, while the man got out and began to act tough and call me names. Then he went to the back of his truck and pulled out a tool hammer and began to walk toward my Jeep with the intention of hitting me or my Jeep windshield. He was barely 2 feet away from me when I pulled out my Beretta 9mm and pointed at him, asking him to stop or I would shoot. The man stopped, but carried on using abusive language. As soon as the right lane cleared, I pulled out & carried on driving as I still had the green light. I had barely gone about a hundred yards, when this Miami Dade County policeman, was standing with his gun drawn, behind his police cruiser. I was arrested and taken to the Kendall Police station & thereafter to the Miami Dade County Courthouse.
I was released on bail over the weekend; and then asked to appear in court in about 45 days for a trial hearing. I went to the Courthouse in January, 2001 to plead NOT GUILTY; but the hearing was not held due to unknown reasons & I was rescheduled to appear in March. When I went to the courthouse in March, the hearing was again once again postponed to a later date in April. When I appeared in court in April, I was told to come back in May. I was very confused & perplexed with all this happening. I went to the courthouse on all 3 occasions and was prompt & punctual. I was summoned to appear in court, by a letter on all four occassions. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN, THE DAY BEFORE, THAT I WAS TO APPEAR, 2 LOCAL POLICEMEN DRESSED IN CIVILIAN CLOTHES, CAME & ARRESTED ME AND TOOK ME TO JAIL. That was uncalled for !! I was not running away from all this.
Later on I discovered, that the man claimed that I had waved my handgun out of my jeep and pointed at him. That was a LIE. I did not wave my handgun at him as I drove by. I think that this fellow was in 'cahoots', with someone else. EVER SINCE I HAVE COME TO MIAMI, SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ME CLOSELY & THEY HAVE HAD ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE OF THE 4 DIFFERENT KINDS OF HANDGUNS THAT I HAVE LEGALLY OWNED. I have been surprised & shocked at this discovery. It is like as if some people are trying to tell me, that they know everything about me & are aware of every move that I make. This is harrassment. I have never ever threatend anyone, here in Miami. I was even fired upon once, at FIU campus, while I was crossing SW 107th Avenue, by some people who drove by in a car. I have never ever robbed anyone at gunpoint or committed any armed robbery or raped or murdered anyone. I have just come here to South Florida, to meet you and put my LIFE back together. Some of these people who have come here, do not want me to meet YOU at any costs. Thats the truth. Rest is all propaganda & fake stories to decieve & scare everybody, from speaking the TRUTH ! I also do not do DRUGS, like all the rest of the people here. South Florida is a haven for Cocaine & crack users. Practically, everybody here uses Cocaine, in some form or the other. People in South Florida, especially MIAMI, use Cocaine, just like Americans up north eat popcorn and drink Coca Cola. Cocaine is part of the South Florida culture. It is excepted in the society. As a mater of fact, Cocaine is the 2nd source of income for many Floridians. The Budget of Florida is about 70 Billion $ per year, out of which the REVENUE is about 55 Billion $. Cocaine business is almost equal to the revenue earned in the State of Florida. You can imagine the importance of Cocaine in the Florida Economy. It sells like 'hotcakes' & is sold practically everywhere, in movie theaters, restaurants, shopping- malls, bars, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc, etc. Any public-meeting place, you can think of in MIAMI, Cocaine is available. People hooked on Cocaine are allowed to work for the City, County and the State offices. There is no Drug Testing. Florida is like an experimental drug-zone, along with the other southern border states.
People who do not do drugs cannot be DISCRIMINATED here in South Florida. That is precisely, what is happening! I am considered a bad guy, because I am a MINORITY here in FLORIDA. I do not do 'Cocaine or Crack', like the rest of the population. I am a 'SORE', in the eyes of the people here in South Florida. I cannot do anything about it ! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED TO ME HERE IN MIAMI, & I DO NOT KNOW WHO TO GO & REPORT ALL THIS. ALL THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF WITH GRAVE CONSEQUENCES & IMPLICATIONS ! How can the State of Florida, allow this to happen in this county (counties) ??? The dilemma is; are THEY aware of all this happening ??? Or, do they have to be told about it; so that they can make an EFFORT to find out !!!
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