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Defining the differences in the Hindu- caste sysyem

For example......A person belonging to the middle-class / upper-class, who has lived with family in homes, with a certain
standard-of-living should not inter-marry / inter-mix with persons, living in the street as homeless / beggars. The Hindu
caste-system, specifies that you should not (forbids) ! BUT YOU COULD, IF YOU SO DESIRE. Hinduism tries to keep people with
in their own class, for the sake of maintaining equality in status.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

For example........A person belonging to the Royal-family, who has lived in palaces, with a very high-standard-of-living
should only inter-marry / inter-mix, with an equivalent member of his royal-class or someone from an affluent-class, who has
lived in big-houses (mansions), with a moderate standard of living. However, he should not mix, with someone who is working
as a taxi-driver or someone selling hot-dogs on the street (vendor) or a homeless beggar. He SHOULD NOT but HE COULD, if he
so desires & vici-versa for different class-members. This system seems very puritanical but Hinduism is an ancient religion.