I personally, believe that all members of the Hindu castes-system (5) are equal !! I myself, being a member of the highest Brahmin
class, do not mind inter-mixing, with other fair-skinned Bhrahmins in my class and members of the KSHATRIYAS class, of equal-status !
Rest of the classes are unequal in status. That's the Hindu way. For example I favor all the classes, as long as they are fair-skinned.

Click to Enlarge - (2002)- Myself at 45 years, visiting India, for the 1st time since arriving in 1979. (Please do not let me down. I have great faith in you. Please be with me & my loved ones in family and help me do the right things that I have always wanted to do)

My paternal-family and maternal-family

The Chaturvedi Clan of North India

The Chaturcedi clan is from the Mathura area of North India. The Chaturvedis are of the highest Hindu caste system namely the Brahmins. The Hindu caste-system consists of BRAHMINS (learned priestly class), KSHATRIYAS (warrior class), VAISHYAS (merchant & peasant class), SHUDRAS (labour class) & CHANDALAS (untouchable class). The Chaturvedis are once again, the highest with-in the BRAHMIN class, as they are the masters of all the four VEDAS (The Rig-Veda, the Sama Veda, the Yajur Veda and the Atharva Veda). The Chaturvedi know all the four vedas! Other Brahmin families, with lastnames, such as Chowbey, Misra, Pandey, Pathak, etc / Tewari, Trivedi, Tripathi, etc / Dubey, etc / are masters of 3, 2 or 1 Vedas respectively.
My ancestors of the Chaturvedi clan, were all intellectuals & worked as advisors in the royal courts of Kings and Queens. They advised the so called council (government), on state & political matters. According to facts narrated by my Grand-father & Grand-uncles today, back in the early 18th Century one day, the Chaturvedi members were at a field, exercising and participating in a game. A Mugal officer approached & asked the Chaturvedi clanmembers, to help them dig a grave in the nearby field for 4-5 Mugal soldiers, who had died in an encounter with the rebels forces. The Chaturvedi members obliged & went on and using shovels dug the entire field, into a big giant of a grave. When the Mugal officer, enquired as to why they dug such a large grave, when only 4-5 people were to be buried. The Chaturvedi members told the officer jokingly, that now the Mugals can bury upto 1000 soldiers, when they die in battle, with the Hindu rebel forces.
The Mugal officer was very angry & offended & wanted to arrest the Chaturvedi members. The Chaturvedis ran & absconded. Ever since then the Chaturvedi clansmen were on the run, with the Mugal troops after them. They took refuge in forests & ravines along the river Jamuna. Majority of Chaturvedi settlements, today are located and found along river Jamuna, in Northern India. These communities grew into small villages and my mother hails from one of these small towns called Holipura, north-east of Agra, along river Jamuna.
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