Late Mr Birju Ballabh Chaturvedi (1925 - 2015) and Mrs Ratan Chaturvedi

My youngest, surviving deceased Grand Uncle Mr Birju Ballabh Chaturvedi ( retired Indian Airlines Manager ) & surviving Grand Aunt Mrs Ratan Chaturvedi.
He was a College graduate & spoke the English language fluently. He had worked as Airport Manager all over Northern & Eastern India. He also had my
father hired with Indian Airlines as a Pilot, in 1957. He passed away on December 4th, 2015. We are going to miss him very dearly
My surviving Grand Uncle Mr Birju Ballabh Chaturvedi was a graduate of Allahabad University. He started working for Indian Airlines as a Security-Officer & then eventually became Airport Manager and was stationed all over North and East India. He is retired & the only surviving member of my Grandfathers generation. (b. 1925 - present ) @

Their 2 sons and 1 daughter

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