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My late Grandfather & late Grandmother, Mr Rama Ballabh Chaturvedi & Mrs RoopKishori Chaturvedi, in the 1930's
My Grandfather was a High-School graduate & spoke English fluently. He however, was against British rule in India & was an active member of the Congress-India-Freedom-Movement. He spent a lot of time in jails in Northern India, due to peaceful, non-violent, demonstrations against Great Britain.
My late Grandfather Mr Rama Ballabh Chaturvedi was married to my late Grandmother Mrs RoopKishori Chaturvedi. My Grandfather was an Indian freedom fighter & an ardent 'Gandhi' follower. He spent most of his life, campaigning for the All India Freedom Movement against the British Government. He spent a lot of time in Indian jails for civil-disobedience & peaceful, non-violent demonstrations

Their 3 sons and 1 daughter
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