Myself in 1985 (26 Years) && Myself in 1989 (30 years)
Springfield, Illinois

Me at 26 at the University of Illinois, in 1985  Myself at 35 years of age - Friendly, polite & honest Mr Anup in Springfield, Illinois - Then (1992) You can't imagine, how I have FELT, all these years. Pain, agony, humiliation, frustration & solitude !

Click to enlarge - Myself at 18 - Senior at La-Martinere High School Click to enlarge - Me at 21 at Springfield College in Illinois in 1979 Me at 27 at the University of Illinois in 1987 Click to Enlarge - Myself standing at the southern most spot in the United States of America, in Key West, Florida, USA Still studying & trying to be a good Programmer ! Education is the best Investment ! It pays great Dividends ! Education has no limit ! It has no boundaries ! Education has no age-limit either ! So let us all really try & study well ! Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine!  Myself standing at the American Airlines Arena Center, Miami, Florida                        Anup Kumar Chaturvedi
A-Level Senior Cambridge; Indian School Certificate, 1975.
    La-Martiniere High School; Calcutta, India.

Bachelor of Science, in Computer Science, (B.S), 1986. 
    University of Illinois, at Springfield, Ill.

Bachelor of  Administration, (B.B.A), 1997.
    University of Illinois, at Springfield, Ill.