Pre-Historic Map of India in 1st Millennium BC (1000 BC - 1 AD)

2nd Millennium BC (2000 BC - 1/1/1001 BC); 1st Millennium BC (1000 BC - 1 AD);@||@1st Millennium AD (1/1/1 - 12/31/1000); 2nd Millennium AD (1/1/1001 - 12/31/2000); 3rd Millennium AD (1/1/2001 - 12/31/3000);
The 'MAP OF INDIA', during reign of King ChandraGupta Maurya in 310 BC; that included Afghanistan; Xinjiang (Sinkiang); Tibet; Burma; Thailand; Laos; Cambodia (Indo-China); Malaysia and Indonesia !! India's ancient Hindu epic Ramayana; is practiced in other versions; in other south-east Asian countries, such as Burma, Laos & Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia. The Hindu Empire once, stretched from Afghanistan, Xinjiang, Tibet, South-East-Asia, practically almost, to the shores of Australia itself !!!
India in 300 BC (King ChandraGupta Maurya)