Different .45 Caliber Handguns

List of handgun cartridges.
( The 9mm is low-powered & ineffective at close-quarter-combat. The .44 and .45ACP are the most powerful, commonly used HandGun cartridges. )

The Glock Model 21 is among the lightest recoiling pistols in .45 ACP caliber. Coupled with a lower bore axis than many others, the result
is a pistol that is controllable & accurate in combat shooting. The Glock Model 21 is also one of the most consistently accurate among Glock
pistols. All Glock models are good as they are very reliable. Glock has a reputation of being one of the best weapon systems in the world
because of its simplicity of design, reliability, durability; minimal maintenance & light in weight; The Glock is also very affordable

Glock (USA)@@@'The STAR SPANGLED BANNER'; Flag of the United States of America. United States of America & India have become allies in the 'War on Terror'. A mutual treaty of Business & Strategic Partnership is planned for the future as relations improve. Long Live Indo-US friendship for peace & stability ! India needs United States vote, for its inclusion, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL organization !
1)@@@Glock 21 Gen4 .45AUTO 5.3" (13-Round); The Glock 35 Gen4 .40SW 5.3" (15-Round); AND Glock 17L 9x19mm 6.0'(17-Round);
Glock 21 .45ACP 4.6 Glock 21 .45ACP 4.6 Glock 21 .45ACP 4.6 Glock 21 .45ACP 4.6 Glock 21 .45ACP 4.6


IWI Jericho 941@@@'The Star of David'; Flag of Israel. The United States, Israel & India have formed a partnership to fight terrorism. Israle sees India as a country with similar & common backgrounds, regarding PEACE & SECURITY. India is the only country in the world, where the 'ISRAELITES' have been safe & not been persecuted !!
The IWI Jericio (steel-frame) is a frontline soldiers handgun. It is rugged, reliable & durable in all weather condition; for military personnel
2)@@@IWI Jericho 941F 4,4" .45ACP (10-Round) Baby Eagle & Desert Eagle pistol
@@@ @@@


3)@@@Beretta Cougar F 8045 ' .45ACP 3.5" (8-Round) AND Beretta Storm G' PX4 .45ACP 4.0" (10-Round) $600.00
Beretta 'Cougar 8045F .45ACP 3.5 Beretta 'Cougar 8045F .45ACP 3.5 Beretta 'Cougar 8045F .45ACP 3.5 @@@@@@@@@@

4)@@@SIG Sauer P220 Combat .45ACP 4.5" (10-Round) $1200.00 AND SIG Sauer P250 Full Size .45ACP 4.7" (10-Round) $1200.00