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Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@The Emblem of India
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@My popularity in Springfield, Illinois.
I was quite popular before 1989 itself, when I was an undergraduate student, in the early 1980's. The reason was that I always gave a simple, accurate description of India, when I introduced myself. The people of Springfield, just loved my background introduction, compared to other foreigners. I have heard those compliments more than 100 times. Infact people, always refered to me as 'fox' Americans do not call anybody (foreigner), a fox, unless you are extraordinry, farout, superb, fanastic, etc. I have heard those compliments, many, many times. "Oh. He is a fox", "I have seen or met no one like him". "Oh my God, he never said that, he never did that. That is a fox". "I have not seen an Indian like him before". When people would enquire about myself, I would just say that I was a foreign-student from India. India was a poor, developing 3rd world country, trying to become rich once again, like other Western developed countries. I was from a large Hindu family and we were vegetarians by birth. India was good friends with Russia and was also trying to improve our relations with the United States of America. Even though we were Soviet allies, we also wanted good relations with the US. India was a Non-aligned country and leader of the 3rd world developing nations ! We wanted good relations with the United States of America, despite the US supporting Pakistan and building excellent business, economic relations with China during the 1970's and 1980's.
I would give a very accurate picture of India. If people would ask about my parents. I would simply say, that "My father is an Indian Airlines pilot. My mother is simply a house-wife. I am from a middle-class family, living in a small 4-bedroom house, one car garage, a TV set, refrigerator, stereo- system, furniture, etc, etc" Americans are quite inquisitive when they get to like you, and if you answer them correctly & modestly, they will ask you in details about your culture. I never bragged, but gave good information about India, from a middle-class perspective, about our legal, educational, economic, political & cultural system. I was well-read and spoke English fluently. I was very simple & to the point. Whatever they asked, I described and answered in a good manner. The people just loved my style. I would never just mention that my dad was an Airline-pilot. Only, once in a blue-moon, when people would ask, what my father did for a living ? I would then just simply say that he was an Indian Airlines Boeing-737, Captain. Otherwise I would just talk about interesting Indian topics such as our history, being part of the British Empire & English being the language of government and commerce in India. I would talk about our Indian movie film industry, relations with Pakistan, etc. People always asked me interested questions about India, our women, religion, caste-system, etc. American women always asked me about Indian women & the red dot on their forehead & the saree. I just gave them an interesting, accurate, description. They all liked it. I always said that women from India are beautiful & pretty, but not as Westernied as American & European women. American & European women are very modern, sophisticated, educated, innovative & above all liberated. On the other hand majority of Indian women are housewives & head of household. Their main job is to raise kids, do household duties, such as cooking, etc. Majority of Indian women are not fully liberated like US women. However, small percentage of the Indian women who are growing up in big cities & towns, who get good education in English School & Colleges are getting modern & Westernied. They tend to wear Western clothes, drink & smoke occassionally, listen to Western music, get good jobs in modern Indian & International companies & speak English fluently. But the percentage of modern, westernied Indian women compared to the national average Indian women is very low. But we have women in India who are becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Pilots, Movie-Stars, Business Executives, Politicians, etc. They all speak English fluently like American women, dress in western clothes, frequent bars & night-clubs and socialize with Western men. I MYSELF LIKE AN EDUCATED, MODERN, WESTERNIZED INDIAN WOMEN, WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH FLUENTLY & DRESSES IN WESTERN CLOTHES. But generally Indian women are not as fast as American & European women. Even the most educated & westernized Indian women are comparatively slow than their Western counterpart. The reason being Indian women are from a different EASTERN culture. She might be dressed in Western clothes, smoking a ciggarette, drinking wine, dancing in a discotheque, BUT she is still slower than an American women, in her own ways.
I was also very knowledgeable about British rock'N'roll music. At parties and bars, I was familiar with practically all the different music-groups that were playing. Sometimes my friends were very surprised, that I knew the names of various Bands, songs and music-stars. Upon being asked, I would always say that I grew up listening to British Rock'N'Roll music in India in the late 1960's and 1970's. I would tell them that India was part of the British-Empire & British bands were very popular amongst Westernized Indian school kids. Infact, rock'N'roll music came to the United States of America from Great Britain during the early 1960's. Majority of my American friends were of British / Scottish / Irish descent. They were always impressed by me. Besides, I was a simple, natural fun-loving fellow. Never got into a fight or silly arguement with anyone. Got along fine with practically everybody.
On many ocassions, some women would ask me if I was half (1/2) Indian and half American (Europian). I would tell them that I was a full-blooded Hindustani Indian, born & raised in India. My father was northern, Hindu Indian & my mother was also a northern, Hindu Indian. My full Indian nationality, is the only issue that I found hard to convince, to many of my American friends. They always thought that I was either a son-of-a-gun or son-of-a-bitch. What I mean is that they thought that either my father was white-caucasian or my mother was white-caucasian, respectively. I always tried to explain them, in the best possible manner, that we have many Indians who are of light & fair complexion, coloured eyes & above 6 feet in height, found in Northern & Southern India as well. North Indians (Aryans) tend to be more light & fair skinned than South Indians (Dravidians). We have movie-stars in India who are of fair complexion, tall & really good-looking. Infact, even better looking than myself. What is so hard to believe & understand in this ? In fact at parties & bars, I heard numerous times, couples (women & men) talking about myself. "He is ours. He is mine. He has my eyes. Ask him nicely, maybe then he will admit it. I think, he may have run away. I helped him run-away. He cannot tell that to anybody. He is so nice. Thats a fox". Then the man would say to the woman. "Yeah. Yeah. I do not want to hear that anymore. He is a piss-off. Son-of-a-gun will say that he is a son-of-a-bitch. If you ask him, he will say he is yours (son-of-a-bitch), not that he is mine (son-of-a-gun). He will piss me off. I don't want to ask him. Yeah, he is all-right "
This is the only minor social-problem, that I encountered in the United States with fellow Americans; that I was uncomfortable with & could not explain to them perfectly. Because, psychologically, they would not believe me. They thought that I was pissing them off. Infact, on couple of occassions, I had met (picked up) women at various bars & had bought them breakfast & was about to take them to a motel or their place for a nightcap, when they have asked me, "Is your mom a white-american women ? You have green eyes. Do not lie to me ?" I always replied politely, that I was not half-white and if I was, I would be very proud to say it, that my Dad or Mom is white-american. Few women have asked me to get dressed & leave their place & some have refused me to come in. I have very politely, early in the morning, told them that I was sorry & would talk to them later & left frustrated & disappointed. I thought to myself, later that maybe I should lie to these women & make them feel at ease. It is a nice good lie, offcourse to say that your Dad or Mom are Caucasion American, just to get in bed with a foxy women. (I have found American women very attractive and charming). But, I never did lie to anyone, because in reality my parents are from India & besides, how would I explain it to them later, if they wanted to meet my parents.