I do not want to move from this building without notifying the Federal Bureau of Investigation / US Dept of Justice
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Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine!

I have suffered terribly in Miami too, but in a different way !

I arrived in Miami, Florida on 12/22/97, Monday morning at 9.00 AM EST, in my Chrysler Jeep Wagoneer, after having left Springfield, Illinois on 12/19/97, Friday evening, at 4.00 pm EST. My last supper in Springfield was at McDonalds Restaurant ! I stayed at Howard Johnsons Motel for 4 days, while I searched for an apartment in south Miami. I finally moved into 'JEWETT APARTMENTS' on Christmas Day 12/25/97, Wednesday afternoon. I have lived here, in this apartment ever since, till the present day (12/25/1997 - present). I have always been viewed suspiciously, by practically everyone in the building, despite me behaving normally like any other North American !! Somehow people have allways kept an eye on me, to see if I was doing cocaine. In Miami, practically everybody is a cocaine user and just like to keep an eye on each other or any newcomer! It is their norm. Miamians are all latinos & organized together closely. They just want to keep an eye on any non-latinos, who can become a competitor in the Cocaine business ! This is their product & their main business. It is their culture. They just want to make sure that nobody else gets into it. It is quite a normal phenomenon, in any society ! But I have never been a cocaine user or ever had cocaine in my physical possession ! Besides I have lived a lonesome life & have hardly had any company in this building. How can a human mind behave in that manner ? The only explanation is that few evil tenants are spreading lies & propaganda to other tenants. On the contrary, many people have moved in just to keep an eye on me & catch me doing cocaine or some criminal act ! All these people have a very freaky mind. They have all thought of me in an evil manner & how they would control me after me being tricked & trapped. Oh Yes, and after that they would help/assist me and act as if they were my saviors. I have been polite & respectfull to everyone in the building. I have played loud rock'N'roll music at night, on weekdays till early morning, in the past on my off days from work, in the late 1990's & early 2000's I used to play loud music every other week while drinking my 12-pack of beer. That has been my only entertainment, besides going to AMC movies ! But since the mid 2005's, my frequency of drinking and listening to loud music has drastically decreased. From every other week, it phased out to once every month, to once every other month, to once every six months, to once every christmas now ! I have practically given up everything except my goal to meet with you; get everything that is mine & being with my mother/family in India ! I have encountered quite a few strange moments and events while being a resident of this building ! I would like to share this experience with you.
1) My Jeep Wagoneer stolen from building lot & recovered by me in Homestead !(Summer - 1999)
2) Strange people probably police/detectives/agents, lurking on my floor posing as workers
3) Other users logged into my Internet/slowdown of my speed to a trickle since 2005 !
4) My computer & other electronic devices periodically tampered with
5) Sustaining a knee-injury & unable to receive proper medical-care at hospitals / clinics (Spring - 2006)
6) Insects & cockroaches periodically released into the apartment
7) My S&W .44 Magnum Revolver tampered with (Summer - 2007)
8) Disappearance of my car-keys on several important, occassions( before my departure for India ) Winter - 2007