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Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine!
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It is the sacred desire (dream) of every Hindustani (Indian); to repossess the entire State of Kashmir, all the way upto Afghanistan & the Western Tibet region; that have always been part of India, since ancient times ! The Government of India has to let the world and the United Nations Organiation know, that it wants Kashmir (occupied by Pakistan & China) back into Indian Administration, no matter what ! India has to shed aside its Gandhian policy of peace & non-violence (like Israel) & make an effort to get Kashmir back The UNO & the world community are not going to make any decision in India's favor until India repeatedly insists, demands & makes a unilateral decision. Respectfully the Indian Government should hurry, prepare, and seize any oppurtunity it gets in this millennium.

The Kashmir annexation can't be forgot ! India has fought with Pakistan in 4 minor conflicts ! On each occassion, Pakistan always attacked 1st & advanced into Indian territory. The Indian Army has defended itself, by pushing them back to the border, each time victoriously. Ironically each time, just as the Indian Army is about to cross the border, to crush the enemy & advance further into Pakistan Occupied Kashmir; the United States has advised India to negotiate a cease-fire (end-of-war); on behalf of the UNO. The Indian Army could have taken back Pakistan Occupied Kashmir 4 times, all the way upto the Hindu-Kush mountains in Afghanistan, had the USA not intervened. India cannot afford to withdraw from the strategic, dizzy heights of Siachen Glacier, especially Saltoro-ridge ! The Indian Army, should try to advance further west/down the higher Saltoro-ridge, along Bilafond La/Sia La ridge into the lower altitude areas of Dansam-ridge; that would open the entry into Baltistan valley ( Skardu ) and eventually Gilgit. I presume, as soon as India is accepted as the 6th permanent-member of the United Nation Security Council, the Indian Government reopens the Kashmir stalemate directly with the major powers India should ban all trade/peace talks with Pakistan until Kashmir (POK) is back into full Indian Administration. India should not grant Pakistan the most-favorite-nation trade status either; as drugs & terrorism are their main export. Why should India allow Pakistan, an access to its big emerging market? India should remain firm, determined & always have the upper-hand, when negotiating with Pakistan. Look what the Pakistanis did to Captain. Sourabh Kalia after we returned 93,000 captured Pakistani POW, well-fed & well-treated. India has to transform into a cold-ruthless-killer like military society & lay aside its policy of peace / non-violence & strike back immediately when struck. For every Pakistani LOC violations (attacks), the Indian Army should be allowed to retaliate immediately, with relentless 'bombardment' for a full-week, and cross LOC to destroy enemy camps permanently ! A full-scale war for 6 months, would be a perfect solution, to get their attention ! Even if India were to fight a two(2)-front war someday, with China & Pakistan, it shall not be any more fierce, bloody, continuous & destructive compared to the battles of WW2. It is this fear & of being isolated in world, that has kept the Indian Government, to be on the defensive & not try to reclaim lost territories of India. RESPECTFULLY, WHEN WILL THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT LEARN FROM OUR PAST MISTAKES ????? WHEN ????? WHEN ????? WHEN ?????

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