Myself at 53 in Miami, Florida; trying to clear myself of all accusations & move on with my life ! I have wasted all these valuable years for no fault of mine!
( This website is dedicated to my friend Dr Mary Ann McRae )
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                 Hello. Welcome to my website. Hope you like it!                The Indian Ocean Maritime Boundary
The control of the INDIAN OCEAN AREA is very vital for the security of INDIA Whoever controls the Indian Ocean dominates Asia !! This ocean is the key to the seven seas in the twenty-first century, the destiny of the world will be decided in these waters !!
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My favorite American hero, 'Ex-President Abraham Lincoln' - The 16th President of the United States (1860-1864) Former Late President Ronald Reagan @@@@The ancient, royal, 'Maharaja of Hindustan,' INDIA ! Especially you !@@@@ Former Late President John F.Kennedy Former Late President Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces)@@
Thanks for visiting! Your necessary attention needed. I would like to finish Graduate Studies; and return back to                             'MAP OF INDIA
The real 'MAP OF INDIA', that is actually displayed all over INDIA & UNION territories; showing the entire state of KASHMIR, ( upto Afghanistan ) as being part of India !! New Delhi, India! It is in my best interest, that I return back to my family & settle in New Delhi, India! I have suffered terribly in Springfield, Illinois & now in Miami, Florida ! I want to spend valuable time, with my old, ageing mother, in her last few years of life !
Personal: Have two undergraduate degrees, & would like to complete graduate studies as well. Immigrated to Illinois, from Calcutta, India, in 1979. Looking for a job, as a developer, in the software development industry.
My goals :
Support the anti-terrorist war, going on in the mountaineous terrains, of India.
Get re-united with family & friends, in India.
Complete graduate-studies, in either Computer Science or Business Administration.
Actively participate in the exploding information-technology revolution, occurring in
**India, as a Software Developer, someday.
Become successful and travel abroad and domestically in the U.S.

Things I like to do in my spare time :
Surf the internet.
Looking for a career in Security and Law Enforcement as a policeman, or an entry level programmer position.
Learn new programming languages & business software.
Prepare for the gre & gmat tests for graduate-school.
Exercise regularly, at a health club fitness-center.
Go to the movie theaters & also visit the local gunrange for practice.
Attend live music concerts at ampitheaters.
                   Flag og Great Britain
'The UNION JACK' ; Flag of Great Britain. England was a major world power, from the 16th century to the 20th century; when 'the sun never set on the British Empire and its vast colonies' Majority of the early settlers to the American continent came from England and settled in Jamestown (1607) Most of the British people, that I have encountered, have had a great affection, for India. Great-Britain has voted, for the inclusion of India, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL !                   Flag of USA
'The STAR SPANGLED BANNER'; Flag of the United States of America. United States of America & India have become allies in the 'War on Terror'. A mutual treaty of Business & Strategic Partnership is planned for the future as relations improve. Long Live Indo-US friendship for peace & stability ! India needs United States vote, for its inclusion, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL organization !                      Flag of Russia
'Trikolor'; Flag of the 'Russian Federation'; after breakup of the 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republic'. Russia is a reliable ally & has been a trusted friend of India, during periods of crisis. Russia has voted for the inclusion of India, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL ! Long Live  Indo-Russian friendship for peace & stability !                    Flag of France
The Drapeau Tricolore; 'Flag of 'France'; 'Republic of France'. France has been a good friend of India in various business, scientific & technological organizations. France also, has voted for the inclusion of India, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL (UNSC) !                     Flag of China
Relations between India & China are improving slowly, however China is very aggressive & is claiming large tracts of Indian territory as its own. China does not support the inclusion of India into the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL (UNSC); despite India showing signs of friendship & trust. China supports Pakistan, on the 'KASHMIR' issue; which is Indian territory & was forcefully annexed by Pakistan. China has to respect the territorial integrity of India & withdraw from Kashmir & parts of occupied Tibet, that was once India; before India can genuinely become friends with China !!                      Flag of India
'The Tiranga', Flag of 'HINDUSTAN' (BHARAT); 'Republic of India' India is a developing, industrialized, country & is trying to catch up with the economies of the Western nations. India is also trying to become a member of the (UNSC) UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL league of nations; presently made up of UK; USA, RUSSIA, FRANCE & CHINA. India has maintained a neutral policy of 'non-alignment', in World affairs & has good relationship with both the Superpowers, the 'USA & RUSSIA'.                     Flag of Israel
'The Star of David'; Flag of Israel. The United States, Israel & India have formed a partnership to fight terrorism. Israle sees India as a country with similar & common backgrounds, regarding PEACE & SECURITY. India is the only country in the world, where the 'ISRAELITES' have been safe & not been persecuted !!

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