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Not a day has gone by, that I have not been thinking about you !
&&&&&&&&&Myself standing in the RASHTRAPATI BHAVAN perimeter (the Indian OVAL HOUSE); New Delhi. 1/14/08 /

Please try and help me ?

               I would like to meet with you here in Florida and defend/acquit myself of all the accusations; that I was 
               accused of in Springfield, Illinois (1988) & return to NEW DELHI (& suburbs); INDIA. I don't think that I, 
               can do or achieve anything in the United States of America; after all that has occured in my Life! I have 
               done nothing crimimal, in the United States except an illegall name change & date of birth, that was done 
               for personal security & enlisting in the Officer Training School, in the US military, respectively. I have 
               bothing to hide & am not scared of speaking the truth. You can't imagine, how I have FELT, for all these 
               years. Pain, agony, humiliation solitude & frustration.
Remember, life is all about feelings ! Take a look at me now. See what has become of me ? I have become a 'BUM', in the process, completely alienated, with no specific 'skills or training'. If I could, attend school full-time, without working at all, I could get into full study mode quickly and finish my Graduate studies succesfully. Can I please? I really want to put my body, mind and soul, into books and freak out and study. Seriously I think it would be practically impossible for a normal person with average intelligence to study and concentrate, let alone even 'THINK' properly; after what I have been through! PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, of such high intensity and magnitude, with full control !!! But despite all this, I am determined to pursue my academics and finish Graduate studies. I think about YOU and all that has happenned in my life all the time, 24/7/365. I cannot help it. I wasn't allowed to achieve ANYTHING ! I mean 'literally', ANYTHING !
Please ! I apologize. Don't be sorry ! Sorry is not enough. Please, try & do something about it, for Christs sake ! Please let me have all, what is duly mine ? I have suffered tremendously because of YOU & SIU ! I can't bear it anymore. I will go back to India. I am not a criminal. I have never, ever, been arrested in India ever before. I have never had a criminal record in Illinois either, except forgetting to pay a parking ticket once & accidentally urinating on the street and was incarcerated for not more than 2 nights in the cellar, on both occasions. My family in India is clean & innocent. I do not want any Americans or Indian Americans to harrass, intimidate, abuse my family members or have a personal grudge against them. My family is not into any kinds of DRUGS. They cannot be setup or implicated in any drug deals. That cannot happen & I cannot be BLACKMAILED because of that. I mean it. Besides, nobody in my family is or has been either homosexual/transexual/junkie !
If you insist, I do not mind explaining myself in a United States District OR Federal Court, in front of a Federal Judge. I have bothing to hide & am not scared of speaking the truth I am a US citizen & have voted for President Bush Sr & family six time since 1988. When I came to Florida, the late Mr Chiles was Governor and President Bush Jr, was Governor of Texas and Governor Jeb Bush was not yet, into politics ! !
The Republicans and the Democrats are the two major and powerful, decision-making organizations, in the United States of America. The United States Senate, along with 100 Senators, are the main voting authority representing the US Congress. I need both their vote and support for events that have occurred in my personal-life, in the United States. I favor both the Republians and the Democrats equally! Henceforth, I have decided not to cast my vote in any US elections, as I cannot afford to loose the support of either parties; by being biased based on my decisions. This decision of mine being 'neutral', arises from the fact, that India is a 'non-aligned-country' & favors both the United States and Russia (former Soviet Union) in world affairs & world politics. India desires for close US-Russia cooperation, in the future, just like strong India-US and India-Russia ties & would like to be an intermediary between the two superpowers. Russia and USA could can become allies in the anti-terrorist war & jointly combat militant Islamic fundamentalism
I think, the United States of America has lost the BIGGEST war ! The WAR ON DRUGS at home. Let me re-phrase that; The United States of America does not sincerely, want to FIGHT the drug-war; as there is so much monetary wealth that can be generated as offset, to balance the ailing economy & federal budget ! America has not realized, the full implications, of all this as yet. This has a direct impact on the future of American society & the American family as whole, as it increases domestic US 'crime & violence' to an unprecedented level. This is actually what, that is destroying American society & should be stopped by all means ! The United States of America is supposed to be fighting an Anti-drug & Ant-terrorist war at home ! God help the United States of America !

I love America & my fellow Americans. This is the greatest country in the world ! Long live Indo-US partnership of Business, Science, Education & Defence                      Flag of Russia
'Trikolor'; Flag of the 'Russian Federation'; after breakup of the 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republic'. Russia is a reliable ally & has been a trusted friend of India, during periods of crisis. Russia has voted for the inclusion of India, as a new member, at the UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL ! Long Live  Indo-Russian friendship for peace & stability !

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