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- University - University of Cambridge; Cambridge, United Kingdom. - Law Studies - Harvard University Law School; Cambridge, Massachusett, USA. - Columbia University School of Law; New York, New York, USA. - Computer Science - Massachusett Institute of Technology; & Engineering. Cambridge, Massachusett, USA.
I am an Indian-American, and came to the United States in 1979, from India. I have 2 undergraduate degrees from the University of Illinois, Springfield, in hand, & would like to study further for a Graduate degree at some regional, accredited, University in the United States of America.
After very careful thinking, I have decided to change my field of studies to Criminal Justice, as I want to pursue a career in Law Enforcement as a policeman. A graduate degree in Criminal Justice, would be appropriate. Once I become a Police Officer, I want to pursue online-studies, to acquire a Masters degree in Criminal Justice. Law Enforcement and Legal-studies, is the only field of study, that I want to pursue & acquire experience in.
Law school (UMSL) has also, become my primal interests, lately. I have suffered quite a bit in the United States and have been discriminated and denied the most basic constitutional rights. I feel that as a lawyer, I will be in a better position, to explain to the people or better still acquit myself of all the accusations, due to which I have suffered immensely, in the United States of America.
I cannot make up my mind, regarding this ! But I have definitely decided to become a full-time policeman and serve the community / country and help the people ! I do not want to do anything illegal & be law-abiding to the best of my ability. By becoming a police-officer, I might be able to do just that ! I want to be of some use and make the difference, by doing something right, for the people.

[[In Springfield, Illinois, I was accused but not convicted in a court of law. I was terminated from my job & told by the people of Springfield, that included politicians; business elites, to go to Memorial Hospital and apologize to the lady Doctor. My judgment, was left on the vote of the people, to decide whether I could go & see her or not. Ever since 1989, I have been trying to meet this lady Doctor. But this seems to be a herculean task or mission impossible.]] .