Some few pre-election remarks & statements made my Mr Donald J Trump that got my initial attention !!!

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President elect Mr Donald Trump
                       Anup Kumar Chaturvedi
A-Level Senior Cambridge; Indian School Certificate, 1975.
    La-Martiniere High School; Calcutta, India.

Bachelor of Science, in Computer Science, (B.S), 1986. 
    University of Illinois, at Springfield, Ill.

Bachelor of Business Administration, (B.B.A), 1997.
    University of Illinois, at Springfield, Ill.

1) I do not want your money; but I need your sincere support & cooperation. I want to make America great again !!
2) I want to destroy ISIS in the world (They are barbarics & have vowed to destroy Israel & kill Americans everywhere) and also in the USA
3) I want to stop people coming into the USA from countries that have sponsored terrorism against the US & been boycotted by Western Powers !
4) I want to build the wall on the Mexican border; to control illegall flow of aliens into the US !
5) I am not a politician by profession; (I am a successful businessman) but I am running for this political office, as our past politicians have not done enough !!!

Some old photographs of the President; that I quite like