( I do not want any person, especially 'Pakistanis', watching over me at work, in my private moments. They are studying my work-style, which is an invasion of privacy )
( If they want to keep and eye on me in this fashion, let them do it from outside the building premises. No one should be allowed within my physical work-environment )
( like that. Besides, I have done nothing criminal or illegal, for all these years. It makes me very self-conscious, frustrated & annoyed. For all these years, these people )
( have watched over me and made things up by small little lies, suiting to their fantasies ! They have voted against me, to make sure that I do not get to meet with you ! )
I have lived in Miami for all these years; only in this building. These people should move out & live elsewhere. They do not want me & I also do not want them. DAMN

Harassment via constant surveillance !

Myself at 40 years of age, when I arrived in Miami, Florida

For all these years, people have hid on the top, where ever I have worked and made nasty comments; cussed; laughed and made fun of my workstyles. Despite being annoyed, I have ignored & carried on without saying anything, until 2007. The irony is, that if I mention this to the authorities, people will deny it & accuse me of being crazy !! If any person, would like to talk or see me, why don't they approach me, sit down at a table & continue the meeting, in a normal way. Why do they all have to, be so discrete, secretive & observe me in this manner, to communicate with me ? Jesus Christ ! Can you imagine, someone trying to communicate / talk with you, in this manner ? What an effect it will have on the individual, who is being communicated with ? FEAR, ANXIETY, AGGRAVATION, PAIN, etc, etc

What do you think, they all have been doing, while keeping an eye on me, in this manner, for all these years Baking cookies, for neighborhood-kids In Miami, Florida, every place I have worked, cocaine has been been dealt, in some form or the other. Every Denny restaurant, that I have worked at, large-scale cocaine distribution, in some form or the other has been going on !! Every Pakistanis manager at Denny's wes a major drug trafficker ( cocaine, crack-cocaine, heroin, etc, etc ). It has been very strange, that despite regular police visits, all this went on un-noticed ? The irony of all this was that, I was always under suspicion !! PEOPLE WERE KEPING AN EYE ON ME, TO CATCH ME. I hate these bloody Pakistanis. I really do not want to work with them !

I quit my job at Denny's Restaurant (controlled by Pakistanis) & started working in retail, in S Miami. I started work here first & then the Pakistanis followed me here as well. Pakistani are the best LARGE-SCALE COCAINE FREEBASE SPECIALISTS. Thet can get any job here in Miami-Dade-County, without any background check / drug-testing / education / experience / etc, etc. Other qualified people will not even be considered, for ant promotions or work-related appraisals. Besides majority of the Miamians are cocaine-users. They all know how to smoke crack-cocaine, but they do not know how to free-base / cook it. Hence, they are always bowing down & kissing these Pakistani arse. I have never seen a Pakistani arse kissed so eleagantly, in the United States, than in Miami, Florida. I know all this is just a show & a gig. But it is very unusual to me, after having lived in the mid-western United States, with regular white-Caucasians; where a Pakistani arse has never ever been kissed like that. I never knew cocaine was that delicious & yummy ! DARN !!

Nobody really cares about me at work in reality. They have all been told good lies & propaganda about me. Employees act & talk to me in a very offensive & insulting way. I AM 58 YEARS OLD & NO EMPLOYEE, SHOULD TALK OR ACT TO ME THAT WAY. I will submit to a voluntary drug-test & background check. I have not lied about anything to CVS HEALTH / PHARMACY. I am a US citizen, in good standing & have worked very hard in the United States of America, without achieving anything !! DAMN.