I do not want to associate or meet with with any Indians or Indian-Americans, who are engaged in drug trafficking, such as cocaine, in the US or in India. Please do not use Indians, for your blood therapy; as instead of being useful, it is going against me. These Indians have not been told the truth, about you & me & they could all get hurt in the process !!
If you want to associate with myself, in any way, avoid associating with these Pakistanis I am a nationalistic Hindu !!
Hell to Pakistan & Hell to these Pakistanis. I don't want them to get that much importance in the drug-underworld !
I also want you to know, that I am not a drug-user of any kind, especially Cocaine; Crack; Heroin; PCP; LSD; Ecstacy;@@
Marijuana; etc, etc. I have never dealt drugs in my entire life. I have been harassed for all these years in Miami &@@@
Springfield too ! My family in India is also not into any kind of drugs; unless you Americans along with other Indian-
Americans, have somehow got them hooked, over the past few years, in order to black-mail & pressure me here in the US.@
That cannot happen ! I do not want Americans to deal drugs in India, especially the cia-operatives. I want Americans to
do business to rejuvenate our economy (defence, infrastructure, construction, energy, research, entertainment), etc, etc

Drug-smuggling & black-marketing is causing billions $$ in loss to the Government of India. Not only that, through drugs,
international criminals & terrorists (Pakistanis), gain access to India. This is a direct security-threat to India, since
we are fighting an anti-terrorist & anti-drug war! I never came to Miami, to deal drugs, like majority of the people ! I
came here to meet with you; apologize for something that I did not do & return back to India. I am serious. It has been
more than 26 years ! I do not want to waste, any more of my time ! I am 58 years old already. (9/21/1858)@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@