(I would like the Government of India to know, that I am very well trained, to instantly recognize a wicked, criminal white-Caucasian person !)
The Emblem of India

CIA operations & activities, overseas !!

CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia NSA_Ft-Meade_Maryland_USA Gereral_Communication_Headuqarters_(GCHQ)_Cheltenham_ENGLAND
Electronic surveillance & Intelligence monitoring in the USA !
Every CIA and the KGB international activity; whether legal or illegal is conducted via their Embassy / Consulate. This foreign-office is their
main base (contact-point) for all operations, in that country. Their operatives could include tourists, politicians, scientists, industrialists,
movie-stars, criminals, etc, etc. Their operations could be cultural, educational, business, espionage, investigatios, coup d'état (government
overthrows), political-assinations, media-brainwashing, etc, etc, depending on their mission & what their government desires. They deny any
involvement in covert operations / illegal activities, if they are exposed. They claim to be a cultural and diplomatic organization, working
to promote friendship and cooperation between the two countries. But in reality, they are the main base of all operations in that country.
Their personel have diplomatic immunity and the embassy perimeter is their sovereign territory. On top of that, they are well funded with a
multi-billion $ budget & sophisticated electronic equipment, such as supercomputers, live reconnaissance satellite video/audio feed, advance
surveillance devices, firearms & regular contact with their Armed Forces assets in that cuntry. They are a high-tech, modern military outpost,
in any foreign country. They can practically start a riot / rebellion from within their perimeter. CIA technician Edward Snowden, who defected
to Russia, gave the West important information about the illegal clandestine activities / operations of the CIA and how they are conducted !

Sometimes, depending on certain type of operations, criminals elements are introduced, into the country, with legal papers & full cover, to carry
out clandestine operations. For example, an assasin disguised as a journalist or a street hooker (prostitute) as a social-worker! These people can
kill / bullshit their way out and not get caught in a 3rd world country, with considerable ease as they are white-skinned caucasians This is a
big weakness in our culture. We will believe in whatever a white person says & will help him acquire whatever he wants, with considerable ease
A white foreigner can very easily get an innocent Indian, physically assaulted by spreading lies & propaganda. If its is a good looking, sexy
white-woman, she can start a bloody riot, by her bullshit. Just because a person is a white-Caucasian (fair in skin-color) of European orgin,
does not necessarily mean that they are telling the truth. WE INDIANS HAVE TO LEARN TO CONTROL OUR INSTINCTS, REGARDING BEHAVIOR OF THIS NATURE
Propaganda (false-information), is a very effective tool used on the people, to achieve desired results. It can be either benefiting or damaging.

The Gocernment of India should definitely establish a NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (NIA) / INDIAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (IIA), similar to the CIA
and KGB to closely monitor, foreign embassies / airlines / shipping companies workers. By keeping a close eye on their daily activities, we can
learn & gather intelligence about their plans (good & bad). This can be accomplished by Indian operatives, who are well-trained in all fields &
nationalist by nature ! They have to be well-funded & backed with modern equipment & services. In essence, what is intelligence in this world
community ? It is what they know, about our plans & what we know about theirs & how we go about finding & developing a solution for them ! Just
this intelligent-information will ensure the security of India. This definitely, requires extra funds from the Central Government. The Security
of India is not cheap. The United States of America spends, about 15,000,000,000 Billion/yr on the CIA alone. That's how they get all this done