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President George W Bush Jr


Respectfully Mr Bush, I would like to tell you the true events that occurred in my life in Springfield, Illinois in the late 1980's. You people were not given a true account of what happened at SIU School of Medicine, by these doctors involved and the Illinois State Department Officials ! It was a perfect cover-up story to suit to their own advantage. I had nothing to do with it whatsoever & was not even physically present as alleged by them ! Dr Mary Ann McRae is innocent !! Being a woman, she was forced to say something in self-defense, to get the attention of the people & the respective authorities. THIS WAS A WELL PLANNED CONSPIRACY; EXECUTED BRILLIANTLY BY THESE DOCTORS. I was a nice popular person in Springfield, Illinois & these doctors simply used me, as a pawn in their conspiracy Sir! They destroyed my life collectively; with their lies. ESPECIALLY  YOU,  MY   SUPERSTAR  !!!THIS WAS A VERY BIG PROJECT INDEED

In Dec' 1988, I was accused of some criminal acts at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's, Memorial Hospital, but not convicted in court. I was not arrested, but just terminated & told by the people to go to the hospital & see Dr Mary Ann McRae or I would have to live like this forever. This completely ruined and stopped my further career development in the United States. The irony was that I never knew that this had occurred at the hospital & had to find out practically everything from the people talking around me in Springfield. Can you imagine, all people talking around you, that you have done something to someone ? You don't know as to what it is & have to listen with attention, to learn more. I heard everything in whispers around me in Springfield, Illinois. The people thought that I knew all this that had happened, but in reality I had no clue, as to what had @@happened & where and to whom ? All this I had to find out using my own judgement & intelligence, from what I was HEARING from the people in Springfield. In the beginning, it was exciting & mystifying but later on it became very painful as 8 years went by and I was unable to do anything constructive in my life; as I could not go & see Dr Mary Ann McRae. Being a non-caucasian foreign student; I was harassed, ridiculed, tormented & denied justice.

No body discussed, any of this with me, in a natural manner like a normal table-discussion or conversation. I had to find out practically everything, using my own intelligence; from people talking around me in whispers. It was very difficult & painful Mr President. Yet I did not say a word about all this for almost 10 years. Some people wanted me to go there & some wanted me to stay away from Memorial Hospital; where this tragedy had occurred. I was even threatened at gunpoint. It took me almost a year to discover that this had occurred and I was hesitant & slow as I never knew where to go or what she even looked like ?? I had to investigate like a detective and had to act in order to make the people talk and find out more about this case !!

I was told by Springfield's politicians; professors; business-elites; fellow-students; friends & including my own personal attorney Mr Randy Wolters to go & see Dr Mary Ann McRae & apologize. I was specifically told that I would not get anything achieved in my life; until I go & apologize to the Lady Doctor. Ever since 1988; I have been trying to see her but have been unable to do so; due to various reasons & the VOTE of the people !!! I have @@suffered terribly in Springfield, Illinois, due to accusations by these doctors & now in MiamiESPECIALLY  YOU,  MY   SUPERSTAR  !!!, Florida too! I have wasted valuable years & it seems that there is no end to all this! Life is hard in the United States, as it is Mr President. It is very difficult to please Americans & get accepted into their society / environment. You have to be practically perfect ! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Can you imagine, living in an environment; where anything that you want to plan, achieve, accomplish, in life, depends on the wishes (VOTE) of the people ??? I mean literally anything. The environment in which I exist; has become polluted due to all this Mr President !@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@