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(All these details, that I have mentioned; I have heard from people of Springfield talking around me for years !)
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May the stare shine on you !May the stars shine on you !May the stars shine on you !
The ancient, royal Maharaja of "Hindustan," INDIA

Especially You !

I apologize, for the preceeding page ! Not a day has gone by, that I have not been thinking about you !
I want to write & expain everything, without mentioning a word or a whiff about that ! Trust me ! I know what to say to them and how to say it and when to say it, without mentioning a word about those '2 incidents' at 'Memorial', back in 1988. I have been ready since Jan, '89. I hope you understand ? The reason why I procastinated so long, was due to the fact that I got frightened & was also trying to improve my professional position, career wise. You are after all very qualified & an educated professional! I can recognize them all including Dr's Roddick; Birtch & family; Dean Moy; Folse; Kaufmann; Veselnak; Hilger; Zinzeletta;. It has been a long time and I MAY make a mistake, because I have seen so many of theirs look alikes, since then! I know, that I don't know you well, & have seen you a couple of times, but be rest assured, I can easily recognize you if you were standing along with your other look-a-likes in a line of a dozen look-a-likes or more. (But IF you were not present in the line at all, then I MAY make a mistake) Anyway. Please do not hesitate to come in front of me; thinking that I will not recognize you! Try and be natural! I can identify, Birtch & Family with considerable ease, anytime. THEY ARE THE ACTUAL ONES!!!
You Understand! I also personally dislike all these 'look alike' individuals, including your's & your dear Latin friend's but especially "Dr Birtch & family's" and "yours", and also Kauffman's, Mr Edgar's and few others. I just hate them all with a passion, especially "Dr Birtch & family's". They have all caused nothing but trouble for me, instigated by your colleagues offcourse. The tragic part is that I did not in the past nor in the present have said anything adverse about them. I think that they were all hired, just to cause confusion, prevent us from meeting and to 'scare' you mainly at the precise moment. They were all directed by your SIU colleagues especially Dr Birtch. Isn't it tragic; that only the people that I disliked were allowed, to get acquainted & see you. That also only after they were completely addicted to the 'muscle chemical'. Hell ! Some people were even pressured to experiment various other drugs, before they could meet you or your 'look-alikes'. All this was conducted on my behalf, using your/my name. Can you imagine how many people got hooked on 'Crack Cocaine', (CH3O), in Springfield in your/my 'name' ! These people said, what ever they were instructed to say, by your SIU colleagues especially Dr Birtch. Illinois State Officials played a big role in this operation. These people have known every minute personal details, about you and me too ! Because of their VOTE I could not (still can't) achieve or do anything that I had (have) planned. I was even denied the basic 'pleasures of life'. What did I do to these people ? Nothing ! What about my vote? This is unfair voting! What was the initial VOTE ? WHETHER I COULD COME IN TO SEE YOU OR NOT, IN THEIR PRESENCE; WHILE THEY ARE ASSISTING YOU WITH YOUR MEDICAL THERAPY !. Thats it, a plain simple 'Yes or No'. NOT TO GET INTO MY PERSONAL LIFE. That is what that has EXACTLY happened to me. If I can't get to do anything; UNTIL I have got together with you, then NOBODY should also get to do or have anything. I should also have MULTIPLE requests. ALL my money; Be with you in there at crucial times; Not allow anyone else to have this medical practice but you and etc etc. Why shoudn't I be so adamant, stubborn, obstinate & obdurate in my demands? Its all a matter of principles ! This is an allout, well organized, COLLECTIVE WAR being waged against one, sole American human being ! To put me down & destroy my WILL by using any means possible. These look alike individuals were hired to act as a 'Buffer' between myself and the actual real SIU individuals ( Your SIU colleagues, yourself, etc). These people did and said whatever that was told to them and thereby made my life miserable and painful. I could not get or achieve nothing ! "Birtch & family" got all the damage done to me through these hired lookalikes. I could not even do anything because the 'Birtches' were so well insulated & shielded. I even tried to visit you back in 1989 twice, and again in the early 1990's, but was unsuccessful because of these hired lookalike individuals. I despise (hate) the 'Birtches' especially Alan, Elaine, Jane, Grant, Eric and Mark. I have not met the youngest one particularly ( the Camera man supposedly ). But this 'entire family', acting in unision, have hurt me tremendously and ruined my life. I have never ever, mentioned anything derogatory about them, all these years, despite knowing everything, because I was constantly threatened and harrassed almost every other day. Somebody else was saying all that, in my name. God only knows why, they got so obsessed and freaked out on me, in this manner !!. I sometimes wonder ! Also, please do not set me up (arrange) with 'Dr Birtch & family', especially Jane. I was never ever interested in her in the past, nor have I written any love, or proposal letters to Mr & Mrs Birtch. All this probably, has been somebody elses idea, again. An SIU inter-faculty joke perhaps ! Thats all lies & propaganda, just to implicate me further! I HATE THIS FAMILY MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, AFTER ALL THE PAIN & SUFFERINGS THAT THEY HAVE INFLICTED ON ME, MY FAMILY AND ABOVE ALL 'YOU'. What did I do to, or say about this family ? Nothing ! This is the reward that I get, for being nice, quiet & patient. My life, pride & honor ruined ! God Damn It !! Who was responsible for all the painful & embarrasment moments, that you initially encountered at 'Memorial' ? Was it me or the Birtches' ? Come on ! Please be fair, just & reasonable. What did I do to you ? Nothing! My God! (I am sorry that; I couldn't get to you; the way you wanted me to; at the precise moment. It took me a WHILE to understand this entire plot) I don't think "Birtch & family", deserve a single out of this whole deal ! Alan Birtch , purchased the chemical formula for that 'muscle' chemical compound, that you tested and got addicted thoroughly; from the SIU School of Medicine Doctor. Why? So that he could blackmail you ! Just like how; he paid money to the people in India to keep an eye on my family & cause them unnecessary inconvenience. I know you are fully addicted to it & cannot move any muscle of your body; without it !!
Besides, I am completely innocent & had nothing or whatsoever to do with this entire well planned scheme. Unfortunately you and I both became victims. We both suffered tremendously. I was just as alone too, as you, in the outside world & was constantly threatened, harrassed & embarrassed. But despite all this, I never ever, said an incriminatory remark about you ! In fact, I said things in support of you back in 1989! PLEASE DO NOT ASK, HOW I MANAGED TO DO THAT ? I think GOD was with me ! What I am going to insist on and state now, is exactly what I had in mind back in '89 ! You were lied to, by them constantly. I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING TO YOUR COLLEAGUES STRAIGHT TO THEIR FACE, WITH YOU BESIDE ME. I INSIST & THEY SHOULD (BETTER) DO WHAT I ASK ! THEM TO DO. I DON'T CARE. THATS MY DECISION (VOTE) ! OTHERWISE IT SHALL BE VERY UNFAIR ! I HAVE ALREADY SUFFERED, INCLUDING MY FAMILY & SEEMS LIKE THERE IS NO END TO ALL THIS. MY FAMILY IS PROBABLY BEING CLOSELY MONITORED & WATCHED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE DETERMINED TO SLOW THEIR PROGRESS DELIBRATELY & EXTRACT SOMETHING OUT OF IT IN THE PROCESS. MY FAMILY IS INNOCENT AND DO NOT EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ALL THIS, OR MY FINANCIAL REWARDS ( SETTLEMENT )$$$ FOR CHRISTS SAKE ! MY FATHER IS DEAD, PROBABLY MURDERED SO THAT HE COULD NOT TELL OR IDENTIFY IN THE FUTURE, ABOUT THOSE INCIDENTS, IN INDIA. My Dad was probably setup and forced to say or do something silly. My Dad has never misbehaved and been very popular at 'cocktail parties'. I want to find out which American insulted, (or was responsible) & physically abused my beloved Dad aboard that ship in India. I WOULD LIKE TO BEAT THESE PERSONS, BLACK & BLUE INTO UNCONCIOUSNESS. I bloody well, mean it.
May God punish them & their loved ones severely, and lightning strike them all !
((* I am not blaming you for all this, that has happened in my life. It is not your fault. You are quite innocent ! You said a few bad things about me in the process, because you were constantly harrassed and lied to, by your SIU colleagues. They could have left you alone after all that, despite the fact that they knew everything. But No; then they had to get to INDIA, to carry out your requests, just because you 'said it'. You were alone but you were a brave, intelligent woman. Eventually, you received the 'attention and support' of everybody at SIU and in Springfield. You achieved and got what you desired !!! Medical success; Status; Influential friends & Wealth. But my life has been destroyed ! See what has become of me ! Take a look at me now ! I have become a BUM in the process. Plus there is no guarantee, how much longer I will have to wait, before all this is over ! I do not want to get suckered. Please do not do that to me ? It is all mine I don't want to share any of it, with Dr BIRTCH. As a matter of fact I don't even want Dr BIRTCH nor the 'others' come into this 'Medical Practice' or into this 'New Business'. And definitely not Dr Birtch ! That will be very unfair to the others. You are the only one well qualified and if 'Dr Roddick & Company' also, want to participate as partners in this 'research project', they better have theirs completely destroyed cent per cent %, just like yourself, as a prerequisite requirement. They should have theirs completely destroyed any way. Please do not forget all that pain & embarrasment that you had to endure in the past, in order to achieve this honor. I also sincerely hope, that they have not been practicing 'solo' all these years. That shall be very unfair. My God! Please let me know! I have already wasted precious years of my life & suffered immensely. I shall be ruthless, in my decisions. *)) I want all of them and their families to suffer Physically; Mentally & Financially; the pain & agony in life. I will not blame or say a word to you, for all this, that has happened in my life. I promise you that ! I don't want 'Dr BIRTCH & FAMILY' ( to never visit my home in Calcutta again, enquiring about me ) and the few mentioned Americans never, to visit New Delhi; INDIA again, to get acquainted with our 'Movie Stars'; or the Westernized, educated, younger generation; or the affluent Indian Business Community; or our politicians; on the pretext of enquiring about me and spreading gossip and rumour needlessly, to better their own advantage.
Leave that God forsaken country alone and stay away ! Yes, we are strange, ignorant, funny people and belong to a complete different 'society and culture', unlike the West! We Indian-Asian_Americans, are an economic asset to the US government and serve America well, despite being ridiculed, mocked, insulted and discriminated, by fellow Americans !! This is the reward that we get after serving America loyally & faithfully ...
These goddamnI demand that all these people be severely punished !@*#(%^?~/:$*&#@(>#% gibberish, blistering barnacles, thundering typhoons, vermins, rude, heartless, hypocrites ! LOOK WHAT THEY HAVE DONE ! Ruined our life, mine for sure ! Besides, I am too deeply involved & my life has been adversely affected by this entire operation. I am sorry. Please try to understand. I wish you all the best, with your Latin friend. Please have some respect for me! I have a few wishes. I want them fulfilled! It is all a matter of principles! It is all mine Can I have it all please ? I don't want to give nothing to any Illinois politicians or businessmen, especially the Governors(Mr Thompson; Mr Edgar & Mr Ryan). I don't need their help in the present nor did I ever needed their assistance in the past. ( I thank them, for all these painful humiliations ) Yes they are all very noble, honorable, descent, well-respected, truthfull, patriotic, honest Americans !! I am a good, descent American too and love Illinois very dearly! 'They' can engage in competition here, with your medical practice & research to increase their financial position. ( They have been doing ALL this in ILLINOIS in the past, years before you anyway. Ha !Now they all have a good excuse, to do it even more indiscretely. ) But I don't think that any of their associates or employees should interefere in my natural environment in Florida. They have done that on numerous occassions and caused me great discomfort and considerable harm, like in the past in Springfield, Illinois. In South Florida, they have got me terminated thrice, by sneaking inside my workplace environment and engaging in conversations about your business, personal plans, my future plans and a lot of gossip to my fellow colleagues. They follow me everywhere ! Each one of THESE individuals, who are here in South Florida; old or young; male or female; rich or poor are complete Cokeheads ( sniffing C17H21NO4 ) or Crackpots ( smoking CH3O ). I know that for a fact ! That was the prerequisite for them; to come to South Florida. These people are all voting against me on every issue ! How can you help & associate with these individuals and use them for your medical therapy ? These are the very same people whom you trust; who are brewing all these problems for me. I say, stop the C17H21NO4 supply to all of these individuals who are voting against me; on any issue regarding you & me Let them find their own supply ! We have to keep track of all these people all the time. Where they are; Where they go; What they do ? etc. Finger-print them and check their past records. These people are all bigger criminals than me. Majority of them are from Illinois (especially Chicago & suburbs). They want to compare themselves to me !
They do not want to see me or be seen in the company of a women. They cannot stand the sight of seeing me in the arms of a women. They want to deny me the 'pleasure' of making love to a woman. Making LOVE to a woman is the greatest pleasure of life for a man. THEY do not want me to have that 'pleasure of life'. NO PUSSY ! THEY ALL HAVE SAID. I don't want them to have any 'pleasures of life' either. No C17H21NO3; No CH3O; No hanging around at bars & night clubs; No beach parties; No Brickell Avenue rendezvous; No luxuries; No education; No personal achievments; No good jobs; & No money; etc etc Just give them a daily doze (1 Puff)! Thats it. To hell with their personal business. I say also, terminate all their employment. Get them hell out of South Florida ! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS, TO GET A DESCENT JOB THESE DAYS, LET ALONE BE CALLED FOR AN INTERVIEW ? Maybe you should appoint me 'Director of Operations', of your entire business. I do not mind becoming your Business partner. Let us work together ! I cannot be abandoned and left alone like this. God almighty, it has been all these, many years !!! Please take a look at me profession wise. What has become of me? My present professional position is deplorable! I would have liked, to been employed as a Computer Programmer, in some Business Organization, performing Computer related tasks I would have become a successful Office Computer Executive, in this prosperous & booming 'Information-Technology Industry' hopefully by now. I do not deserve these painful & humiliating moments in life. Don't you think so ? After all that; I have suffered & been through in life FOR you ! I am lucky to be even alive ! Please believe in me.
How would you like, if, after all this medical education & specialized training; you end up employed as a Nurses Aide or a Receptionist at some medical Clinic / Hospital ? Try to understand the feeling ? (You don't know me; so presumably, you have no FEELINGS for me. That is tragic. My god you will never understand my side of the story) I have to THINK, how shall I try and convey to you ALL this, effectively, appropriately and offcourse politely ? We have to meet here in South Florida in a relaxed & descent environment, (unlike the last rendezvous ! I never liked it. Please) and I promise to remain silent until spoken too, in-case you are with your latin friend. So please remain calm and do not get nervous or feel embarrassed ! Why should you feel embarrassed, to see me, in your latin friends company ? Am I the God of Love ? Please ! I will not act strange, rude or say anything embarrassing. I am a professional ! I might just say, " Hi Dr Mary Ann ! I think, I know you from the SIU of Medicine, Springfield, Illinois STORY !; or How have you been ? What have you been up to ? Whats new ?; etc, etc" So please relax ! Besides, I am very anxious & eager to meet your dear latin friend properly. He can help me 'avenge my vengeance', that I have been seeking, all these years. Anyway ! We could become friends. !
I also want you to know that I am a descent law abiding US citizen, who has not committed a crime either in India, or anywhere in the U.S. until recently in self-defense. However, I do have a 'Right to self defense'. I attended good 'English' upper-class Catholic schools, in India since early childhood. I was raised well and taught since nursery, to be a good 'Christian'. I am not the type of person who is going to commit a murder, or an armed robbery, or a sexual crime, or a terrorist act, or small petty thefts, etc. I do not have a 'criminal mentality'. It is not in my nature. What a terrible, false psychological profile of mine has been given; knowingly to the people ! I am not that kind of a person. I know the consequences. I am aware of the 'US Constitution and the US Law'. However, in self-defense in the future, IF the need arises; CAN I 'throw a few punches & kicks'. An act of BATTERY, if any at all ! I am a descent, worthy & just ex-Illinois Republican .
They can discourage me, threaten me, disqualify me & spread false rumours about me. Thats about all they can do ! Especially when I am all alone. I am also tired of being alone and by myself, all the time. Anything that I do everyday in my daily life, I do it alone; whether it is shopping, going to the movies, music concert, job-hunting, etc etc, I am always alone. What a shame ? No wonder, I do not perform or function properly, like I once used to. I think a woman as a companion / friend can make the environment relaxing & pleasant; and as a result make one perform & function better, with her around.
If you do require my assistance, for your personal emergency physical therapy, I shall be more than glad to be of assistance to you, a 100 %. I do not mind that at all. ( But I do not know; if that is a good idea; because the PEOPLE might then refuse to share theirs with me, later on in time & that will be the end of Mr Anup Kumar Chaturvedi )
If you have some respect for me;(if you have any) you will not share your blood or associate with the 'Birtches' and a FEW Illinois Republicans including Jim Edgar. I hate this man also ! How can you ? Not 1 lovely $ to them, out of the amount that you had initially descided, for me. I mean it. I can visit Springfield, Illinois whenever I have to. Can't I ? THEIR police force can escort me in & out, if they want. DAMN ! I have always been descent & law-abiding in Illinois anyway.
The 'Computer Industry', is my top (primary) priority. Any other business that I may get into besides, will be part-time and secondary. I plan on doing research in Computer Science; become a Computer Scientist and develop software for use in our daily life. May perhaps, teach someday later on, if I get enough work experience !! You people, are not the only one with aspirations for higher education and research ! PLEASE !

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The royal maharaja of ancient 'Hindustan' INDIA